Bring together quantitative statistics with qualitative analysis, automatically. Use AI to quickly analyze large amounts of data and provide comprehensive insights that would otherwise take hours or days to gather.


Stop chasing people down for updates, let ClearPoint do the work

ClearPoint has automated workflows that will reach out to all of your strategy owners to ask them to make their monthly and quarterly updates.  These updates are tracked in a convenient dashboard so you can nudge your colleagues to get their updates in, on time.

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My Updates

Your data owners can see the items they need to update all in one place.

Schedule your Processes

Use automation to remind owners to update their goals and projects.

Track Progress

ClearPoint gives you a quick dashboard to show who is reporting and who needs that extra push to get their information in, on time.

"With ClearPoint I can enter data, analyze trends and help create a data driven organization. It is easy to use, and the ClearPoint team has helped us create custom reports that support our specific needs."

Mark D.

City manager
Data Loader

Automatically load your quantitative data

Are you worried about the double-entry of data?  We are too, so let the data loader push your important data directly into ClearPoint. We can pull from Excel, CSV, or databases.

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Easy Setup

Use the data loader to create your scorecard, including goals, measures, and projects.

Scheduled Updates

Pull your data in on your schedule. You can load some data monthly and other data on a weekly or daily schedule.

No Double Entry

ClearPoint allows you to source information from any database that allows SQL queries, giving you flexibility on linking your data from anywhere. No need to enter the data manually.

"ClearPoint makes managing our Strategic Plan very easy, and tying performance measures and action items to our tactical actions is fantastic."

Jeff M.

Deputy Technology & Innovation Director

Flexibility to link your data from any application

Leverage direct integrations, our API, Zapier, Webhooks, and REST hooks, all you need to bring your data together.

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Direct integrations

Pull reports directly from QuickBooks, Asana, D365, Monday, HubSpot and others.


Let actions in ClearPoint notify applications outside of ClearPoint about updates to your strategy.

ClearPoint API

Our fully documented API gives you the utmost flexibility for data integration needs.