6.5 Features (part 3)

We now present to you the final installment of our month long rollout of ClearPoint Strategy version 6.5 *Cue the Fanfare*. We would say that we have saved the best for last, but that just wouldn't be true.

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

With such an advanced and diverse product, who can honestly say which wonderful feature is "the best"? Let's just agree that whichever feature you use the most is the best.

Being able to successfully navigate ClearPoint is tantamount to being productive. We have added a whole new way to find just what you are looking for. Each user can now choose any page to be their "Home" Scorecard. With one simple click, you will be taken back to your safe, secure homepage; just like being 'on base' when playing tag. When you login, this will be the first page you come to...your home page. We also treat favorites differently. Users can select any page in the system as a favorite, including summary pages. Favorite items all show up on a single page when you click the favorite link in the control panel. Also, each user will automatically have a "My Scorecard" page that is populated with all of the elements he or she owns. With the Home, Favorites, and My Scorecard, these should be three of the best navigation pages you will need to find the things you want within ClearPoint, and fast.

The audit log has also been improved. It used to be in the "Help" section but it has been moved to the Options menu. We have changed it so that before-and-after details for edits and updates are shown in the log. So if you want to know what the analysis used to say before Terry changed it to "all is great!" just check out the audit log. All e-mails sent from within ClearPoint will now also be shown in the audit log. The search feature has been improved as well. This should make it easier to prove that it was the intern that deleted the wrong scorecard. It's always the intern.

Summary reports have also been improved thanks to direct feedback from our customers. You now have the ability to sort elements differently by scorecard, thus allowing for multiple sort orders. Owner names can also be included in scorecard grids. If you like summary reports, you will really appreciate some of our new template capabilities. You can take your favorite report and replicate it in different scorecards.

We have also improved the template capabilities for some of the detail pages. You can change the layout of a single measure, all measures in a scorecard, all measures with the same name, or all measures across your entire account, with one click. The power is yours, administrator, use it wisely.

All of these changes are brought to you in part by the ClearPoint Development team and users like you. We hope you appreciate and utilize these new features that we have outlined in our recent posts. As always, let us know if there is anything you wish ClearPoint could do. We are constantly seeking to improve the user experience.

•A new "Home" Scorecard
•New My Favorite and My Scorecard design and functionality
•Audit log: new location and more detailed tracking
•Summary reports: multiple sort orders
•Summary and detail page templates
•And many more...


6.5 Features (part 3)