Slash your reporting time by 70% and let ClearPoint do the heavy lifting of collecting, reviewing, evaluating, and distributing your strategic or operational reports.

Data Collection

Let your data come to you

With ClearPoint, you can directly connect to your existing data systems and pull data into your reports. But even better, you can also automate the process of collecting data from individuals: Instead of spending hours emailing, calling, and asking for information, let ClearPoint automate reminders, providing easy access, and coaching people to update their information with ease.

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Data Loader

Are you worried about the double-entry of data?  We are too, so let the data loader push your important data directly into ClearPoint. We can pull from Excel, CSV, or databases.

Reporting Workflows

ClearPoint has automated workflows that will reach out to all of your strategy owners to ask them to make their monthly and quarterly updates.


Automate reminders to your team before it is too late, so they have time to make their updates or review information before a key meeting.

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“ClearPoint provides the foundation as we continue to evolve and advance the way we track and communicate strategy across our organization and to our community."

Ryan L.

Business practice leader
Calculations & Evaluations

Automate your analysis

With ClearPoint, you can set up calculations, evaluations, and charts that automatically update whenever your data changes - no matter where that data lives. Stop worrying about linked spreadsheets and obsolete presentations, and start spending time on the work that matters - executing your strategy.

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Charts & Calculations

Write any formula with ease using our calculation wizard and display those results in beautiful charts that you can export to PNG, PDF and PPT.


Pull data from across ClearPoint (and across different source systems) to create aggregate calculations and status indicators and data for a quick picture of results.


Take the subjectivity out of evaluations by setting up criteria to automatically evaluate status based on metric data or linked element performance.

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“Great product and team to work with. The system is easy to manipulate, there hasn't been anything that we couldn't do so far."

Rob S.

Mid-market strategist
Report Distribution

Get the message out - automatically

Leave late, missing, out of date, or inaccurate reports behind. With ClearPoint, you can set up schedules to automatically distribute reports, publish your results to an internal (or external) dashboard, and update embedded reports.

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Build schedules to automatically generate and distribute reports on whatever cadence is right for your organization.

Briefing Books

Leverage the data in ClearPoint to create different briefing books for different audiences. No more copy and paste into PowerPoint for report creation.


Foster transparency by exporting your results from ClearPoint and publish them in an externally facing (or internal only) dashboard so that everyone can see your performance.