ClearPoint Strategy's 2023 Feature Release: A New Era of Strategic Planning & Management

Welcome to the new era of strategic management with ClearPoint.
ClearPoint Strategy's 2023 Feature Release: A New Era of Strategic Planning & Management
Welcome to the new era of strategic management with ClearPoint.

ClearPoint Strategy has always been at the forefront of strategic planning and performance management. With the release of new features in 2023, the software has taken a significant leap forward. This year's updates focus on enhancing user experience, simplifying the strategic management process, and integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Let's delve into the latest features that are setting a new standard for strategy execution software.

Help Getting Started

ClearPoint has simplified the onboarding process for new users or departments to get started with the platform. This is particularly beneficial for teams or departments that are not familiar with strategy management tools.

Better Support for Everyone

ClearPoint has revamped its support system, transforming it into a full-fledged Support Center. This upgrade includes the integration of artificial intelligence to provide immediate, intelligent responses to user queries. The AI-enhanced system ensures that help is available 24/7, making the onboarding process smoother for new users and providing ongoing support for seasoned strategists.

Tutorials & Getting Started Guides

Recognizing that the first steps are often the hardest, ClearPoint has introduced several comprehensive tutorials designed to help new users hit the ground running. These tutorials cover everything from the basics of setting up a scorecard to more advanced features, ensuring that users can quickly become proficient in the platform. This guided setup will ease the adoption process across larger organizations with diverse needs.

Success Portal

The new Customer Success Portal is a one-stop-shop for all resources related to your experience with ClearPoint. It starts with an onboarding checklist, and then becomes a central solution for how you can get the most out of the application. Take your strategy to the next level by leveraging the ClearPoint portal!

AI Assistants for Scorecards

Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature is the introduction of AI Assistants, specifically designed to aid in the construction and management of scorecards. These assistants can suggest metrics, help align objectives, and even recommend strategic initiatives based on different strategy management frameworks.

Test out our OKRs AI Assistant

Ease of Use and Flexibility

ClearPoint has enhanced its usability by serving as a one-stop solution for managing various aspects of business strategy.

Centralized Management

The platform offers a centralized location to manage all elements and reports. This consolidation means less time spent navigating between different parts of the software, and more time analyzing and refining your strategy. The platform enables users to generate real-time executive summaries and reports quickly and efficiently, facilitating high-level overviews and detailed insights into performance metrics.

Milestone Management

Managing milestones is now more intuitive with the ability to reorder them via drag-and-drop. Moreover, the platform can suggest new AI-powered milestones, helping teams to stay on track and adapt to changing circumstances without missing a beat.

Drag and Drop Linkages

ClearPoint has made it easier than ever to visualize and manage the relationships between different elements of your strategy. With the new drag-and-drop linkages, users can quickly connect objectives, measures, initiatives, and more, creating a dynamic map of their strategy's interdependencies.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are crucial for tracking progress, and ClearPoint's new feature allows users to view these links directly on an enterprise or department detail page. This provides a clear, immediate understanding of how individual actions contribute to broader strategic goals. This includes integration of OKRs directly from an objective or a measure page, and advanced functionalities for conducting scorecard analyses.

Managing Your Strategy

The platform has been tailored to support different roles within an organization, enabling a more targeted approach to strategy management and ensuring that every team member can contribute effectively using the tool's functionalities.

Discussions and @Mentions

Communication is key in strategic management, and ClearPoint's new discussion and mention features ensure that conversations can happen seamlessly within the context of the strategy elements they pertain to. This keeps cross-functional teams aligned and informed in the tools they work in most, such as email and Microsoft Teams.

Teams Integration

ClearPoint now integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing for better collaboration. Users can discuss and manage their strategic elements without ever leaving the Teams environment, fostering a more connected and productive workspace.

Learn more about ClearPoint's Teams integration.

AI Analysis and Recommendations

AI doesn't just assist; it analyzes. The new AI Analysis feature offers recommendations based on your data, helping to identify trends to forecast future performance. Scorecard analysis takes the guesswork out of interpreting complex data, providing clear insights into what's working and what's not. These tools can provide deeper insights, predictive analytics, and automated suggestions for strategy adjustments. The introduction of AI-powered analytics in ClearPoint offers a significant advancement in how results are interpreted, enabling strategic managers to make informed decisions quickly.

What’s coming in 2024 for ClearPoint Strategy


Elevate your ClearPoint experience with our Workspace feature! Tailored specifically for end-users, this comprehensive view brings together essential elements like My Updates, My Favorites, My Scorecard, Discussions, Alerts, and more. Seamlessly integrating into your workflow, workspaces allow you to manage, monitor, and act on all your strategic data effortlessly. With the ability to customize layouts and intuitively organize information, our feature ensures you have a clear overview without compromising efficiency. Stay ahead with a personalized, efficient, and integrated ClearPoint experience that adapts to your preferences and roles.


Publish scorecards and measures effortlessly! ClearPoint Dashboards enable users to create and share dynamic dashboards with just a few clicks, turning your data into impactful visualizations. With the ability to customize the look and feel of your Dashboards, this user-friendly feature empowers you to build a captivating public dashboard, ensuring your community gets the best visual experience. Elevate your ClearPoint experience with personalized dashboards that align perfectly with your unique preferences.

A Year in Review

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and focusing on user experience, ClearPoint has made strategic management more accessible, intuitive, and powerful. Whether you're a seasoned strategist or new to the field, these features are designed to help you build a robust, dynamic strategy that drives your organization — whether a small team or large enterprise — forward.

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ClearPoint Strategy's 2023 Feature Release: A New Era of Strategic Planning & Management

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