"State" Spotlight: Canada

Explore ClearPoint's Canadian Customers.
"State" Spotlight: Canada
Explore ClearPoint's Canadian Customers.

Canada, renowned for its diverse culture and expansive landscapes, is also a leader in strategic municipal governance. Across the country, cities and towns are leveraging ClearPoint Strategy to improve their public service delivery, drive performance, and foster trust and transparency within their communities.

Many local governments face the ongoing challenge of managing complex initiatives while ensuring accountability and engagement among residents. ClearPoint’s strategy software solution provides a robust framework that helps municipalities align strategic objectives with actionable plans, track progress, and communicate results effectively to stakeholders.

ClearPoint for Local Govs

Our platform supports local governments in several ways:

  • Strategic Planning: Helps municipalities develop and refine strategic plans that align with long-term goals.
  • Performance Management: Offers tools for tracking metrics and measuring outcomes to ensure initiatives are on-track.
  • Transparency and Accountability: Publishes public-facing dashboards that keep people informed and engaged with provincial progress and triumphs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Turns performance data into reports, data visualizations, and analytic insights to inform decisions and drive continuous improvement.
  • ClearPoint Community: Hosts a vibrant community of public servants, allowing members to benchmark against the best and network with fellow leaders.

As part of our “State” Spotlight series, explore how current ClearPoint customers in Canada empower themselves to effectively meet community needs.

City of Dryden

The City of Dryden, located in Northwestern Ontario, is a community committed to transparency and accountability. With ClearPoint Strategy, Dryden has implemented a public-facing dashboard HTML export that provides residents with real-time access to municipal performance data. The dashboard showcases various key performance indicators (KPIs) related to city services, allowing citizens to stay informed about city initiatives.

ClearPoint Strategy HTML export public-facing dashboard

By making this information publicly accessible, Dryden fosters trust and engagement within the community. The dashboard offers a comprehensive view of departmental performance, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement, and allows for easy tracking of goals and outcomes, ensuring the city remains on track with strategy objectives. 

Explore Dryden’s Dashboard

Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake

Niagara-on-the-Lake, a picturesque town in Ontario's wine country, is dedicated to enhancing community well-being through effective governance. The town's community dashboard, powered by ClearPoint, serves as a central hub for tracking and reporting on strategic priorities.

ClearPoint Strategy Community Dashboard

The dashboard enables the town to communicate its progress on various projects and initiatives clearly. The user-friendly interface allows residents to easily navigate the dashboard to find information on different projects and performance metrics. By making municipal performance data readily accessible, the dashboard encourages community involvement and keeps residents informed.

ClearPoint Strategy Public Dashboard

Explore Niagara-on-the-Lake's Community Dashboard

City of St. Albert

The City of St. Albert, located in Alberta, is recognized for its proactive approach to strategic planning and performance management. With a well-defined strategic plan tracking departmental tactics, St. Albert partnered with ClearPoint Strategy in 2019 to align its strategic priorities with actionable plans and measurable outcomes. The city tracks information on monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual cadences with both qualitative and quantitative information when appropriate.

       ClearPoint really reduced our overall time for the process - about 75%.

The city’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its use of ClearPoint to drive continuous improvement. St. Albert is able to ensure that all initiatives are aligned with overarching strategic goals while monitoring progress, identifying trends, and making informed decisions. Robust reporting capabilities also allow St. Albert to view performance at-a-glance to communicate results clearly to the council. 

With over 100 users across departments, having strategies, performance measures, and tactics in one place allows updaters to quickly create reports to share with all levels of individuals or teams throughout the organization.

Hear it straight from St. Albert! Watch our Customer Interview webinar

City of Vaughan

The City of Vaughan, a rapidly growing urban center in Ontario, dates back to the 1700s when the first townships were created. Vaughan is a multicultural community, consisting of 99 different spoken languages. The city started working with ClearPoint Strategy in late 2013, and now tracks Vaughan Vision 2020

ClearPoint manages more than 30 different departmental 3- to 5-year business plans with performance metrics, providing a cohesive view of the city's progress. The city can then analyze this data to inform decision-making. Vaughan also maintains 11 Strategic Priority Oversight Team (SPOT) dashboards to track progress according to corporate performance measures, linked to strategic initiatives, to provide guidance on resource allocation. Furthermore, the platform promotes accountability by linking goals to specific actions and responsible parties.

The city leverages ClearPoint to implement a comprehensive performance management system. Vaughan’s approach focuses on integrating strategic planning with performance measurement to enhance service delivery and achieve long-term goals. 

Read Vaughan’s Strategy Success Story

Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services began its partnership with ClearPoint Strategy in 2021. As “Canada’s Lifeline,” the nonprofit operates independently from the government and is responsible for managing the blood supply in Canada (excluding Quebec). The organization came to ClearPoint with the goal of tracking progress across Key Focus Areas (KFAs) as well as Enterprise Risk reporting. 

With a solid strategy already, Canadian Blood Services leverages ClearPoint to create reports on a quarterly basis showcasing performance over time. The reports automatically pull relevant information in to share progress with various parties, like their board. Additionally, CBS is able to track risks and projects efficiently in the system.

Across Canada, municipalities are embracing ClearPoint Strategy to enhance strategic planning, performance management, and public transparency. The localities of Dryden, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Albert, and Vaughan, as well as the non-profit Canadian Blood Services, all exemplify how ClearPoint can transform public service, ensuring that leaders are not only executing their plans, but also engaging their communities in meaningful ways. Our comprehensive platform lets public servants make informed decisions, demonstrate accountability, and continuously improve their services by empowering leaders to effectively plan, manage, and achieve strategic objectives, ultimately leading to more resilient and prosperous communities across the country. 

See what your community could look like with ClearPoint! Schedule a demo with a strategy expert today.

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"State" Spotlight: Canada

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