Coming Soon: ClearPoint 7.5!

We are pleased to announce that things are on track for our 7.5 release of ClearPoint. We started with a modest list of features, but then got excited about all of the requests from our many active clients, and we're prepping for our best release yet.

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

I hope you see some of the items that you have asked about over the last 6 months. Our goal, as always, is to keep listening, and to make ClearPoint the best application to meet your management reporting needs. The more effective and efficient you are at reporting, the happier we are.

Without further ado, let us give you a preview of 7.5.

Improved Usability – Not only have we improved the search features in ClearPoint, but we have added small help icons throughout ClearPoint to make it more intuitive. How a question? Hover over the icon and get your answer! We have added more flexibility around layouts and titles of your summary reports. We have also increased your ability to email pages to colleagues and track those emails. Also, everything that is linked to your scorecard from departments and divisions can now be used on your strategy maps.

Briefing Books – Many of you have dynamic filters in ClearPoint, showing all red measures for example. Now, in the briefing books, you can have your templates automatically populate those red measures each month and not have to manually select the detailed pages. Just choose which view to include and all the elements associated with that view will be included. Easy.

Project Management – You will be very excited to hear that we have several new features in the Initiative section of ClearPoint. First, you can have sub-milestones. This means you can have projects, with key milestones, and then tasks beneath each milestone. Go ever more granular. Second, you can now make more complex Gantt Chart views, that include multiple scorecards and filtering. Consider your projects, managed.

Measures – Oh, where to start? I think you will have to watch our webinar on measures, but as a sneak peak, we will have more improved charts, including a cleaner list of default charts. You can now show the RAG evaluations and the calculations directly on the detail pages for clearer understanding. Also, you can have text in your data grids. Further, we are introducing a new data loader, which will allow more flexibility for importing data into ClearPoint.

More Customization – In ClearPoint 7.5, you can change the blue pod and table headers to any color you want. We give you close control of the CSS styling within the main page of ClearPoint. Want to add your organization's colors, styling, and fonts? Go for it. You can even remove some or all of the borders of each field. You can change every table heading if you want, and you can hide fields from printing, presentation mode, and publishing. For example, you could have the data table hide except when you are in edit mode for a cleaner, more modern look. We have also made some labels customizable by scorecard, so now you do not have to have "parents" and "children" on the screen, you can see division measures, and department measures as they support your enterprise measures.

Additional Security Customization – As many of you roll out ClearPoint across your entire enterprise, you have asked for some additional features to allow locking periods by individual scorecard or having the periods automatically lock at the end of a specific day. You will get this in ClearPoint 7.5 along with email notifications when you enter the wrong password, and after 5 bad login attempts, you will be locked out and forced to reset your password from an email link. Also, the audit log can now be exported to Excel for further manipulation by administrators.

There are many other new features in ClearPoint that we did not put in this blog. They may be minor to some and critical to you. Stay in touch and please join our webinars for even more information. Keep a look out for the formal release notes in October, and of course, check out ClearPoint 7.5 on Monday, October 27th.

Cheers and happy reporting!


Coming Soon: ClearPoint 7.5!