Banco de la Provincia de Cordoba SA

Our new reality characterized by technological changes, business acceleration, and a heavy emphasis on customer value, caused many organizations to focus efforts on strategic business management. An important regional Bank that serves more than one million customers, Banco de la Provincia de Cordoba SA (Bancor) certainly felt this pressure to be more strategic with their business. After implementing a new strategic plan in ClearPoint, Bancor's leadership team finally had access to reliable, timely data to ensure their bank only continued to grow exponentially - in the right direction.

Lack of plan begins to stunt growth

Bancor's main problem was clear: they lacked a cohesive strategic vision and plan. The lack of a strategic plan translated directly to a lack of focus for each department, and a lack of unity across the organization. Bancor collected data, but the data came in silos, and it was difficult to assess what the data meant. Data collection was not properly defined, causing leadership to mistrust data, and ultimately, prevented them from making strategic decisions. They were not being strategic in their growth and direction.

A new plan in the right software ignites change

Bancor recognized the need for change. They developed a formal strategic plan, supplemented by clear vision, mission, and value statements. Their strategic plan outlined the goals, or strategic objectives, that Bancor was aiming for and the strategic projects that would help get them there.

With this new strategic plan, Bancor realized the need for a software to support their efforts. They knew a software was key in igniting excitement across the team, driving collaboration between departments, and assessing the success of their plan.

ClearPoint Strategy was the obvious choice as it had strategic and project management capabilities. With ClearPoint, Bancor housed all their strategic goals, project information, and data in one location. ClearPoint easily visualizes the relationship between the projects and strategic objectives, and automatically rolls up progress from projects to goals. This allows leadership to easily view the necessary metrics to make data-driven decisions.

A future with exponential growth opportunities

With ClearPoint, Bancor easily understands the efforts they are taking on. ClearPoint's project management capabilities allow leadership to have timely and accessible information on current projects and strategic objectives.

Information on projects, such as data, status, and analysis, rolls up into objectives, allowing Bancor to see the impact their efforts are having on their goals. Now, leadership not only has accessible information on projects - but they also know which projects are best to focus on during meetings. This allows them to have deeper discussions on vital projects, as opposed to high-level conversations on all projects - including those not affecting their greater plan.

Additionally, this new level of visibility allows Bancor to easily learn from their mistakes from year to year. ClearPoint shines a light on a black box, exposes pain points, and empowers Bancor to fix issues so they can truly say they are getting stronger every year. ClearPoint's simplicity allows Bancor to manage their strategic plan entirely, by housing both qualitative and quantitative data, and gives leadership visibility on progress. Now, Bancor continues to soar into greater heights.