Marketing Dashboard Template

Marketing dashboards display the key objectives, measures, initiatives, and action steps aimed at improving an organization's marketing performance.

Marketing dashboard templates offer insight into marketing analytics and key performance indicators to help you analyze how your marketing efforts are performing across the board. A marketing dashboard allows you to track your efforts to attract, engage, and convert leads and learn from your successes and mistakes. Whether your marketing dashboard is made up entirely of charts or a mix of charts, qualitative analysis, and summary reports, ensure that the key activities you’re undertaking to improve your performance are represented to enhance the dashboard’s effectiveness.This marketing dashboard template example includes a view of the initiatives aimed at attracting new leads over time as well as charts displaying the performance of related metrics. Also included is a snapshot of the current status of the organization's funnel from top to bottom.

Visualizing the Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

These charts show the organization’s funnel from top to bottom. The funnel can record different data inclusive of website visits, leader, demos, and more. The marketing dashboard allows for a better understanding of the organization’s prospect funnel through visuals along with a chart to support the data.

Marketing Analytics Charts

Analytics Chart

The Marketing Dashboard Template example not only supports visual graphics for funnels, but also for marketing metric performance. The chart allows tracking of how your marketing KPIs are doing over time. This template example specifically charts the number of website visits over different quarterly periods. By displaying this information, managers can better visualize the progress of how their KPIs are doing.

Key Elements for Marketing Dashboard Template

  • Charts displaying marketing metric performance over time
  • Visualization of prospect funnel
  • ROI analysis of marketing investments