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Strategic Plan Template

Strategic plan templates allow organizations to review their strategic plans and progress made on goals, measures, and initiatives.

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A strategic plan template visualizes an organization’s strategy to allow for discussion and development of its strategic plan. The example from ClearPoint above shows a strategy map displaying the organization’s goals across the four categories typical in a Balanced Scorecard:

  • Client or Customer
  • Financial
  • Internal
  • Learning & Growth

Individual Objectives

Detailed view of an objective about creating a safe and prepared community

From this strategy map, a user can drill down on any objective to view a detail page, with key information about that objective or goal. Users can customize detail pages to show fields that are relevant to their company and goals, including qualitative information. Strategy maps in ClearPoint are a great way to view the big picture of a Balanced Scorecard, while still having the ability to drill down on a separate page to see all of the details.

Balanced Scorecard View

Balanced Scorecard dashboard view


While strategy maps are a visual and effective way to display an organization’s strategic plan, a typical Balanced Scorecard in grid format like the one displayed above can also be used. This scorecard view allows the team to see the measures and initiatives linked to each goal and category. In general, the strategy map offers a more high-level view while the Balanced Scorecard view offers more context on how each goal will be achieved.

From this scorecard view, users can see the alignment between all the elements of a company’s strategy. Similar to the strategy map, users can drill down on any scorecard element in this view. Clicking on the initiative “Redesign Employee Satisfaction Survey” will lead a user to the initiative detail page. Here, a user can check the status of an initiative relevant to company strategy.

Individual Initiatives

This gantt chart tracks the progress of a survey

On the detail page of this initiative, users will find a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart shows the progress of an initiative. Users can edit the timeline through an edit page or by dragging the Gantt chart’s bars. In addition, the darker color on the bars indicates percent complete. With ClearPoint, the initiative detail page can be tailored to your organization’s needs by adding custom fields for analysis, budget numbers, and more.

Key Elements for Strategic Plan Templates

  • High-level visualization of an organization’s overall strategy
  • Status indicators to show health of strategic plan
  • Defined categories for strategic objectives, measures, and initiatives