Strategic Planning

ClearPoint does the dirty work so you can focus on strategy execution.

Get your team on the same page by using ClearPoint’s strategy execution platform to align and update your goals, measures, projects and tasks.  Focus on improving the key strategic drivers of your business instead of formatting your reports.

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Create an integrated strategic plan.

  • Link your goals to the measures you use to evaluate progress.
  • Track the strategic initiatives that drive your plan.
  • Customize the information you collect about your goals, measures and projects.
  • Align your department business plans and your organizational strategy.
  • Build interactive Balanced Scorecards, including strategy maps and dashboards.


Work together to achieve results.

  • Assign ownership to strategic elements and monitor updates to the strategic plan.
  • Leverage in-app discussion and analysis fields to capture input on progress throughout the year.
  • Create layouts that showcase information that needs updating.
  • Establish each user’s level of access to view and make changes to your strategy.
  • Automate notifications to remind users to update information and prepare analysis.
The ease-of-use and availability of the system at all levels within the City provides opportunities for our employees to focus on process improvement and innovation.

Mark Deven

City Manager, City of Arvada, Colorado


Manage your quantitative data and your qualitative updates in one place.

  • Demonstrate your progress over time with RAG (red-amber-green) status indicators.
  • Build custom charts, Gantt charts, reports, and more.
  • Display qualitative and quantitative data side by side.
  • Develop unique reports for each audience with the same underlying data.
  • Leverage the cloud to sync updates and access from any device.


Focus on strategy, not formatting.

  • Upload on-premise data from multiple sources using the Data Loader.
  • Build custom calculations using a simple calculation editor.
  • Roll-up data and evaluate results for goals, measures and projects.
  • Send automated reminder emails that link into ClearPoint so owners can quickly make updates.
  • Schedule reports to send to leadership as pre-reading for your meetings.