Project Management

ClearPoint maximizes the return on your project portfolio.

Align your team with interactive Gantt charts, dashboards, and milestones. With ClearPoint, you can instantly go from 10,000 feet (to get a view of your high-level project portfolio) to 10 feet (to see individual tasks and milestones).

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Gain new insight into the performance of your projects.

  • View your projects in a Gantt chart timeline.
  • Drill down from projects to view the details about individual milestones.
  • Build engaging project status reports that integrate qualitative data, task lists, charts, and more.
  • Filter custom views to show initiatives and milestones by status or date.
  • Carry forward information from completed projects or hide older projects from reports.


Focus your organization on the status of key projects.

  • Determine the RAG (red-amber-green) status of your project based on criteria you define.
  • Aggregate project statuses to count the percentage of projects on track or completed.
  • Track essential information with custom fields.
  • Confirm progress using percent complete, days elapsed, budget variance, and other key metrics.
  • Tie measurements to your projects and chart your quantitative data.
ClearPoint allows us to describe our strategy through the initiatives we are working on, measure the success of our strategy and track the actions we are taking to improve our results.

Christina Bruce

Director, City of Vaughan, Ontario


Connect your projects to your plan to ensure you’re investing wisely.

  • Link projects you’re pursuing with the goals they support.
  • Build connections between department projects and organization strategic initiatives.
  • Break down your projects into milestones and sub-milestones.
  • Assign ownership and project teams for each milestone to ensure accountability.
  • Add action items to any phase of your project and keep track of associated risks.


Focus on progress while ClearPoint automates your process.

  • Calculate data associated with projects to auto-evaluate RAG status.
  • Roll up milestone and/or project data to get a full view of your portfolio.
  • Schedule personalized email reminders to hold project teams accountable.
  • Send alerts to remind teammates when projects are approaching their due dates.
  • Distribute reports with automatic emails before important meetings or milestones.