Keep your projects focused and on track.

ClearPoint brings your strategic and project data together in one place.

Ensure the projects in your portfolio clearly contribute to goals, link to KPIs, and drive results.

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Align your projects with your strategy.

Prioritize and focus on initiatives that matter most.

  • Gain transparency on how projects contribute to organizational goals.
  • Show how individual action items drive strategic results.
  • Encourage cross-departmental collaboration.
  • Roll up projects into strategic programs and portfolios.

Evaluate project progress.

See your projects in context to understand the qualitative and quantitative drivers of success.

  • Track budget, percent complete, and project quality indicators in one place.
  • Create informative project dashboards and Gantt charts to visualize key data.
  • Use milestones to automatically calculate project status.
  • Drill down into project details to quickly identify and address underlying issues.
With project reporting, I am able to create multiple reports from the same set of data. This really pays off when we can create a new report for senior management that instantly answers questions like, “of all of our projects, only show me the ones that are more than 30 days off schedule.”

Philip Madden

Executive Staff Director, Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Automate project reporting.

Spend less time reporting on projects and more time executing on them.

  • Keep your reports up to date with centralized reporting.
  • Automatically distribute progress reports on a schedule you define.
  • Notify teams automatically of upcoming milestones and overrun budgets.
  • Easily update timelines and project plans with dependencies.
  • Create workflows to ensure projects are reviewed by key stakeholders.

ClearPoint has a complete set of project management capabilities to ensure your most important projects align with your strategic goals.

Stay on track with your projects and start seeing clearer results at every level of your organization.