The Top 8 Project Management Experts To Follow Today

These eight individuals and accounts offer constant tips, tricks, and advice on becoming a better project manager—follow them now!

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

Project management (PM)—as defined by the Association for Project Management—is “the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the project objectives.” That’s a pretty broad spectrum and involves loads of detail!

If you’re involved in project management at your organization, you already know how critical it is to keep all of the moving parts of a project in line. But to be able to do so—and do so effectively—takes a great deal of skill and knowledge. The eight project management experts we’ve listed below offer myriad free resources you can take advantage of and learn from today!

8 Project Management Experts To Follow Today

1. The Project Management Hut

PMHut’s Twitter account and blog are updated a number of times each month. Recent posts include What If You Managed Your Resource Plan Better? and 10 Things Successful Project Managers Never Tolerate. Their site has been active since 2007 and now contains a wealth of information useful to the project management community.

2. Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute—or PMI—offers a number of events, certifications, and memberships for project managers. Their Twitter account has over 86,000 followers; make sure you’re one of them for updates and regular PM tips and tricks!

3. Cornelius Fichtner

Fichtner is the host of The PM Podcast, which produces over 350 industry-specific online shows. He is also a trainer for the Project Management Professional certification, which is given through the Project Management Institute. Join his 10,000+ Twitter followers for podcast updates, PMI exam tips, and more.

4. Elizabeth Harrin

Harrin is the author of two project management books (Social Media for Project Managers and Customer-Centric Project Management), the director of The Otobos Group communication consultancy, and the creator of A Girl’s Guide To Project Management website and blog. With this kind of resume, you know you should follow Harrin for all kinds of project management information!

5. LiquidPlanner

LiquidPlanner is “predictive project management for modern business.” We can’t speak to their software, but they do have a wonderful blog! Some of their latest blog posts include topics like How to Make Your Project Schedule Work for You and All Project Management Tools Have Their Problems, So What?. Be sure to follow them for helpful blog post updates!

6. Wrike

Wrike offers “advanced project management and collaboration tools." Like LiquidPlanner, we can’t speak to their software offerings, but they have some blog posts worth reading. To start, check out 6 Challenges to Team Collaboration and Addicted to Multitasking: The Scientific Reasons You Can’t Stop Juggling Work. You also may want to check out their new free ebook, What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You More Productive.

7. Project Management Tips

This Twitter feed and blog lives up to its name and delivers really valuable bits of advice on all facets of project management. Make sure to check out What Your Stakeholders Need To Know About Your Project and 5 Knowledge Sharing Tips To Supercharge Your Productivity—they’re very helpful!

8. Project Management

This online reference guide is “dedicated to provide PM articles, detailed PM software reviews, PM book reviews, and the latest news for the most popular web-based collaboration tools”—and they do a great job keeping their 5,000+ Twitter followers up to date on all of that project management information! Be sure to give them a follow.

Are your projects actually helping your organization succeed?

We believe that good project management is essential to good project execution. But having those projects linked to your organization’s goals and strategy is perhaps equally as critical. We do blog on the topic of project management—check out 4 Questions To Ask About Your Strategic Project Management Process and The Importance Of Management Meeting Agendas (Before, During, & After)—but our primary focus is ensuring that you have a good prioritization process and an appropriate link to your scorecard and strategy. You can follow us on Twitter @clearpointstrat as well to broaden your view on project management.

The people and organizations in this article and their resources about project management are only going to help you manage your long list of projects. If your projects are not linked to your strategy, you may be wasting time and money managing useless tasks!

Easily view how your projects impact your strategy with a Project Management Dashboard.

To help, we’ve created a free comprehensive guide that will help you systematically prioritize your projects today. If you use this guide, you’ll be able to use the knowledge you’ve learned from these great sources much more effectively!

The Top 8 Project Management Experts To Follow Today