Organizational Alignment

Getting everyone on the same page requires more than just an
all-hands meeting. Align your goals, metrics, and projects across your organization to drive results.

Organizational Alignment view

Alignment reports that make sense

See how your department goals, measures, and projects link to your top level, enterprise goals. Align your teams and make sure all are rowing in the same direction.

Auto-evaluate Goals
Tags and Filters
Link one-to-many
Theme Reporting
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"ClearPoint provides the foundation as we continue to evolve and advance the way we track and communicate strategy across our organization and to our community. ClearPoint is a 10 out of 10… their staff is both responsive and knowledgeable in all aspects of the applications. ClearPoint provides creative solutions that meet our users' needs." 

Ryan L.

Business practice leader

ClearPoint helps you visualize your strategy

Easily understand how elements are constructed from top to bottom and expand and explore how success is measured.

Element Maps
OKR Maps
Scorecard Maps
Calculation Maps
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“ClearPoint allows us to track metrics that show progress towards our organization's strategic plan. The ability to customize the software to meet our needs, the user-friendliness, and ClearPoint's amazing customer service,has helped us with the goal of being a more data driven local government."

Rebecca E.

Innovation manager

Bring your summary reports to life

Ever look at a report or table and wish you had more information? In ClearPoint you can click on any element to get more details.

Linked Objects
Detail Pages
Transparent Calculations
Status Counts
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