Strategy planning & execution software for higher education

Ensure all of your colleges have a strategic plan that aligns to the university plan, measures institutional effectiveness, and maintains accreditation.

Program Assessment

Track your programs to maintain accreditation

Purpose and Objectives

Track your program purpose and program objectives.

Summary of Findings

Review past and current cycles with measurable outcomes.

Action Items

Track action items and link to objectives.

Strategic Plan

Manage your strategic plan in one place


Bring your vision to life with accomplishments, challenges, and goals.


Track all of your key measures that link to goals and objectives.

Gantt charts

See all of your projects in one chart for a clear view of where the work is happening.


Align the goals across your organization to achieve strategic results

Common Measures

Track similar information across colleges and aggregate results.


Allow additional measures specific to department goals.


View budget performance over time to manage spending.

Case Studies

Learn how ClearPoint has helped organizations like yours