Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Southern Ohio Medical Center

Customer Interview Webinar

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MOF - Middle of Funnel

Watch our exclusive interview with key leadership from Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC), Tiffany LaCoste and David Richard. In this session, we dive deep into SOMC’s journey of streamlining operations and boosting productivity through the strategic use of ClearPoint’s management tools.

Highlights of the Webinar:

☑️ Discover how SOMC has transformed its departmental operations to enhance efficiency and decision-making.

☑️ Learn about the integration of key metrics and projects across various departments, facilitated by ClearPoint's data management and reporting capabilities.

☑️ Gain insight into SOMC's future plans and the strategy rollout process across the organization.

Hear directly from David Richard, Director of Strategy, and Tiffany LaCoste, Manager of Performance Improvement, at SOMC, as they share their experiences with ClearPoint, focusing on the successful implementation of the "A Better Way" framework to monitor and report on project outcomes and departmental KPIs.