Strategy Reporting with Arapahoe County

Performance Management, Strategy Reporting and Continuous Improvement at Arapahoe County, CO

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MOF - Middle of Funnel

Performance Management - also referred to as management reporting or strategy reporting—is the process of taking performance data and turning it into actionable insights that can be used to drive your organization forward. Did you make progress toward your goals in the past month or quarter? Why or why not? Join Laura Mazur, Senior Strategy Analyst at the Arapahoe County (CO) Department of Strategy and Performance, for behind-the-scenes insights into how to develop state-of-the-art performance management at your organization. Whether you are a reporting expert looking for ways to make that final 2% improvement or just beginning to move in that direction, join Laura for the key steps in their reporting evolution – the lessons learned, the small wins and the incremental developments and that made all the difference. Even when you’re in a good place, there are still areas for improvement – hear firsthand from one of the very best and be inspired in just 30 minutes!