6.5 Features (part 2)

Better Decisions. Faster. That is our company motto. In this technical age that we live in, the more efficient firm is more successful. ClearPoint is meant to help you be more productive, more efficient.

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

With the release of CPS 6.5, we have made many changes with speed being the goal. Not only have we architected the back end to operate more streamlined, we have made user interface changes as well.

Need to delete a large amount of measures? Rather than delete one at a time, you can use the multi-delete feature to delete any amount at one time. Did you just design the greatest objective detail page layout and every objective page just HAS to have it? Our new global save feature lets you do that. An HTML image editor is built into the edit fields so you can quickly include images... and emoticons (this :) and this :( and a few others). Need to duplicate a measure with links to everything else? By checking one box during the duplication process, you can determine upfront whether or not to retain existing links or duplicate all linked elements.

One area that some of our users (and a few employees) found to be sub-par was measure periodicity a.k.a. reporting frequency. If you needed to change the periodicity, it would take four mouse clicks to navigate to the correct menu tab to change it. Now with one simple click of our new 'Link" icon, the user is taken straight to the proper location to change the periodicity. We will pause a moment to allow you to reign in your enthusiasm.

With these changes, we know that our users will be able to make better decisions faster. In our next post, we will conclude the CPS 6.5 reveal. Stay tuned to find out what else we have in store for our users.

• Architected back end to be streamlined
• Multi-delete ability
• Global save with more specific choices
• HTML Image editor (emoticons)
• 'Link" Icon (used for periodicity and linkages)
• Retain all links during duplication process


6.5 Features (part 2)