Automation From Beginning to End

Get the right things done with ClearPoint.
Automation From Beginning to End
Get the right things done with ClearPoint.

Automation is everywhere; why not make use of it in your management and reporting? ClearPoint does the manual work of chasing down your data and structuring your reports so you can focus on what matters—executing your strategy.

Why is automation important, and why should you look to automate your reporting process? Simply put: the more choices you have to make in a day, the harder each one becomes to make. Decision fatigue is a real phenomenon coined by Dr. Roy Baumeister that describes the toll our bodies and brain feel after making decision, after decision, after decision. Automation reduces this toll by removing repetitive tasks and clutter and making those smaller decisions for you.

To give a better idea of how automation can reduce that fatigue and simplify your strategy execution process, let’s walk through what your process would look like in ClearPoint.

Run productive meetings

Your leadership meeting prep is easy thanks to scheduled, automated reminders to your team to update their measures, initiatives, and goals. Reports are automatically generated and sent out to your team ahead of the meeting, so they can familiarize themselves with what will be discussed. All your reports and visualizations are up to date so that every audience can get the information that they want.

During the meeting, your team can drive discussion and decision-making using the reports from ClearPoint. Any decisions made are noted and tracked within the software. With ClearPoint, you can run productive meetings with half the work.

Spend time managing instead of chasing updates

After the meeting, you can keep goals, projects, and tasks on track through Gantt charts, data tables, and milestones. If progress falls behind? ClearPoint will notify you. As important dates approach, ClearPoint will automatically send reminders to you and your team. The automation ClearPoint provides allows you to manage, not chase, updates.

Collect your data

As you begin to collect more data on these different projects, goals, and measures, you can import data from spreadsheets and databases to ClearPoint. Calculations and evaluations are run automatically so you can see snapshots right away of where your projects stand. Want project and KPI performance to be included in goal achievement? Easily link them. ClearPoint allows you to integrate information across your organization, meaning you can collect all your data in one place.

Learn, grow and adapt

Lastly, ClearPoint allows you to track and improve performance and KPIs. Through the insights and automation done by ClearPoint, your team can learn, grow, and adapt. Spot trouble areas early by aggregating project performance, compare departments and share best practices, and adjust data in real-time. Our dynamic trend data allows you to also predict next period’s performance – giving you the ability to learn from the past and adjust properly for the future.

Automation isn’t just the future, it’s now. And your strategy execution process is no exception to that rule. Remove the repetitive tasks and clutter with ClearPoint, so you can focus on executing your strategy and achieving your goals. Ready to see your process automated? Talk with a strategy expert today to see how you can simplify your world with ClearPoint.

Automation from Beginning to End: Get the right things done with ClearPoint
Automation From Beginning to End

Sean Callison

Vice President of Sales & BBQ Master

Sean is the Vice President of Sales at ClearPoint. He leads the Sales department and focuses on developing impactful, consultative sales teams.