ClearPoint for Public Health Accreditation

Learn how your health department can gain (and maintain) accredited status with the help of ClearPoint.
ClearPoint for Public Health Accreditation
Learn how your health department can gain (and maintain) accredited status with the help of ClearPoint.

Achieving accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) is a significant milestone for any public health organization. It signifies excellence in public health practice and ensures that services provided meet the highest of standards. ClearPoint Strategy is here to help these organizations in their accreditation journey, offering comprehensive solutions to streamline processes and lead to better outcomes.

Why is accreditation important for public health departments?

Accreditation showcases a public health organization’s commitment to excellence. It increases credibility and promotes continuous improvement. Accredited health departments are therefore better equipped to tackle public health challenges, secure funding, and build trust within their communities.

PHAB Accreditation

PHAB accreditation is a national standard recognizing the performance of public health organizations. Health departments are assessed on the capacity to which they execute the CDC’s 10 Essential Public Health Services, and evaluated on their ability to meet standards for initiatives like Community Health Assessments, Community Health Improvement Plans, and Quality Improvement programs. Accredited status lasts for five years, and organizations may pursue reaccreditation after this period to maintain their status.

EPHS Framework

PHAB Pathways Program

The PHAB Pathways Program is an extension of the core PHAB accreditation process, focusing specifically on supporting local, tribal, or territorial public health organizations. This initiative is crucial, as these entities often face unique challenges due to limited resources and geographic isolation. PHAB Pathways is intended to serve as a steppingstone toward accreditation, and assesses these organizations based on Foundational Capabilities to demonstrate readiness in two tracks:

  1. Services and Partnerships
  2. Health Department Systems

How ClearPoint Strategy Aids in Accreditation and Reaccreditation

ClearPoint Strategy offers a software solution that allows public health organizations to conduct the performance monitoring necessary for PHAB accreditation. The platform can be used to manage Community Health Assessment (CHA) results, Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) progress, stakeholder engagement, and real-time performance tracking and data visualization.

Learn how ClearPoint supports Step 3 of the PHAB accreditation application: Document Selection & Submission

ClearPoint allows public health organizations to standardize the way they track key data and build reports and dashboards to demonstrate the effectiveness of service delivery. Combining qualitative analysis with quantitative metrics puts data into context and allows healthcare organizations to fund programs that will drive better results. Seeing projects and measures side by side brings strategy into the discussion to help align operations, finance, and quality.

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ClearPoint Strategy for Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) Management

Understanding CHA/CHIP

Community Health Assessments (CHAs) and Community Health Improvement Plans (CHIPs) are essential components in PHAB accreditation. The CHA identifies key health needs through systematic data collection and analysis, while the CHIP addresses these public health concerns based on CHA findings.

CHAs and CHIPs ensure that public health organizations address the actual needs of their communities, helping to identify and prioritize health issues, mobilize resources, and develop impactful policies.

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ClearPoint Strategy Healthcare Strategic Plan page

ClearPoint Strategy offers tools for developing, implementing, and monitoring these plans, helping public health departments engage stakeholders and ensure health improvement plans are effectively executed. With ClearPoint, you can track the progress of your initiatives and stay on course to meet your goals.

Our tools facilitate involving various community stakeholders in the CHIP and CHA processes - crucial for developing comprehensive health improvement plans that reflect the community's needs. By involving local organizations, healthcare providers, and residents, public health departments can create a shared vision for community health and work together toward common goals.

ClearPoint Strategy Public Health Dashboards

Dashboards allow organizations to track performance metrics, visualize data, and make informed decisions based on real-time information. They help public health organizations monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and measure the impact of their health interventions.

Dashboarding, whether internally or externally, proves to be particularly beneficial for PHAB and Pathways candidates. By visualizing progress, departments can track accreditation milestones specific to PHAB criteria, ensuring all goals are met on time. Dashboards also allow leadership to monitor available resources for efficient use, critical for organizations with limited funding. Additionally, sharing real-time public health data with stakeholders in a digestible and accessible way helps to create buy-in among employees and engage community members, fostering transparency and trust.

ClearPoint Strategy CHIP Dashboard

By visualizing this data, public health organizations can identify trends, allocate resources effectively, and demonstrate accountability to stakeholders. Tracking these metrics ensures that organizations can promptly address any issue and make data-driven decisions to improve health outcomes.

Explore the features of our PHAB Accreditation Dashboard

By providing a clear picture of performance metrics and outcomes, dashboards enable better strategic planning and decision-making. Public health organizations can demonstrate their commitment to improving community health and make sure interventions are targeted where they are most needed.

Performance Tracking

Effective performance management is integral to ensuring that strategic goals are set and met through well-coordinated efforts and resources. ClearPoint streamlines the execution of health plans through several features, providing a comprehensive management solution:

  • Reporting and Analytics: Generate detailed reports to gain deeper insights into the effectiveness of your health plans. ClearPoint’s custom reporting capabilities allow organizations to visualize performance data in various formats, identify trends, and assess the impact of specific actions.
  • AI Recommendations and Action Items: Leverage artificial intelligence to receive recommendations for improving outcomes based on historical data and current performance trends. AI-driven insights can prompt timely action items, making decision-makers aware of potential adjustments that may increase success.
  • Workflows and Automation: Automate routine tasks and set up workflows to ensure that plans progress smoothly from one stage to the next without unnecessary delays.

By leveraging these sophisticated tools, organizations can ensure that their efforts are not only tracked with precision, but also managed efficiently from inception to completion.

Project Tracking

ClearPoint Strategy also enhances the oversight of specific initiatives. ClearPoint's suite of project management features enable a proactive approach to managing health programs, ensuring they contribute positively to the organization’s strategic objectives and ultimately, to its success in public health or any other field.

  • Track Multiple Projects Simultaneously: Manage and monitor several projects at once, comparing their progress and resource allocation. This capability ensures that resources are optimally distributed and that high-priority projects receive the attention they require.
  • Integrate with Existing Data Systems: Seamlessly integrate with other data systems to pull in necessary information, ensuring that all project data is up to date and centrally accessible. Maintain a unified view of all project-related metrics and performance indicators.
  • Gantt Charts: Visualize entire timelines through Gantt charts that display various phases, key milestones, and deadlines.
ClearPoint Strategy PHAB Gantt Chart

ClearPoint for PHAB Standard 9.1

PHAB Standard 9.1

PHAB Standard 9.1 focuses on quality improvement (QI) in public health. It requires health departments to demonstrate continuous improvement processes and use a performance management system to track service quality. Meeting this standard is essential for achieving PHAB accreditation.

Use Case: ClearPoint for Quality Improvement

ClearPoint for Continuous Improvement

ClearPoint solutions support health departments in managing performance and striving for continuous improvement. Our tools for setting and tracking QI plans and analyzing performance data move leaders to implement changes that lead to better health outcomes.

Through our performance management frameworks, public health organizations can:

  • Implement PDCA Cycles: Specifically adapted for the needs of smaller organizations, helping them continuously refine and enhance their services.
  • Engage in Root Cause Analysis: Identify underlying issues specific to rural or smaller settings and develop targeted interventions.

These tools enable public health departments to identify areas for improvement, develop action plans, and monitor the effectiveness of their interventions. By continuously evaluating and refining their processes, public health organizations can achieve better outcomes and maintain high standards of service delivery.

ClearPoint Customer Success Stories

Nevada County Public Health

NCPH's journey toward achieving equity through their CHA and CHIP is a prime example of the importance of systematic planning and stakeholder engagement in addressing public health challenges. The fresh approach of focusing on community engagement and equity facilitated collaborative relationships and trust-building within the community, supported by PHAB guidelines and the MAPP 2.0 framework. The department's proactive engagement resulted in substantial community dialogue and the establishment of new partnerships, laying the groundwork for continued efforts in community health and equity initiatives. This experience shows the value of a structured approach to health improvement planning and performance management.

Learn more about Nevada County's success here!

Johnson County, Kansas Department of Health and Environment

JCDHE used the PHAB accreditation process as a catalyst for significant organizational improvement and performance enhancement. Initiatives begun in 2011 led to the creation of new roles and a strategic planning division, focusing on quality improvement and workforce development. This reorganization facilitated a comprehensive CHA in collaboration with local hospitals, using the CDC's CASPER model to enhance data accuracy. These efforts were aligned with PHAB standards and significantly improved community health management. The accreditation also motivated the county department to establish an Ethics Committee and Health Equity Council, further embedding ethical practices into their operations.

JCDHE’s success story demonstrates how ClearPoint’s tools lets public health departments create and implement effective CHIPs. By involving a wide range of stakeholders and continuously monitoring progress, the county has addressed key health issues and improved the overall well-being of its residents.

Read more about Johnson County's success here!

ClearPoint Strategy plays a vital role in supporting public health organizations in their pursuit of PHAB accreditation. Our software simplifies CHA, CHIP, and program management, enables data-driven decision-making, informs communities, and supports continuous improvement in line with PHAB Standard 9.1.

By partnering with ClearPoint Strategy, public health organizations can properly ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence and achieve better health outcomes for their communities.

If your health department is ready to take the next step toward accreditation, schedule a free demo with a ClearPoint Strategy expert today!

The Complete PHAB Accreditation Workbook
The Complete PHAB Accreditation Workbook
ClearPoint for Public Health Accreditation

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