PHAB Accreditation Dashboard

PHAB Accreditation Dashboards streamline the path forward to PHAB accreditation by visualizing the path ahead and necessary next steps.

To ease the heavy burden of applying for and maintaining PHAB accreditation, PHAB Accreditation Dashboards allow health departments and hospitals to track their progress through the accreditation process and ensure that all necessary steps are completed on schedule.As PHAB Standard 9.1 requires health departments to use a performance management system to monitor progress toward their goals, healthcare organizations can greatly benefit from using the same system to house their PHAB Accreditation dashboards and create and compile the necessary documentation required. The best performance management systems will provide dashboard visualization alongside report creation and process management to streamline the process of PHAB accreditation overall.In this PHAB Accreditation Dashboard example from ClearPoint, a Gantt chart visually displays a timeline of upcoming steps in the Accreditation process, including Pre-Application, Application, Document Selection and Submission, Site Visit, and Accreditation Decision.

Gantt Chart

Gantt chart outlining the steps of PHAB Accreditation

This Gantt chart allows for quick and easy visualization of the progress on PHAB accreditation. The easy-to-understand timeline, complete with color-coding, makes it possible to evaluate this process with just a quick glance.Below the Gantt, a report displays the standards and measures the health department must meet and document as part of their accreditation. Dashboard viewers can easily drill down to the measure detail page to learn more about the organization's progress in this measure.

Key Elements of PHAB Accreditation Dashboards

  • Gantt chart displaying timeline of accreditation steps and current progress
  • Report on standards and measures that must be met in each PHAB domain
  • Hosting within an all-in-one performance management system that allows for Document Selection and Submission alongside accreditation process planning