Looking for Healthcare Project Management Software? Meet ClearPoint Strategy

Searching for healthcare project management software? Discover how ClearPoint Strategy can drive successful outcomes in healthcare management.
Looking for Healthcare Project Management Software? Meet ClearPoint Strategy
Searching for healthcare project management software? Discover how ClearPoint Strategy can drive successful outcomes in healthcare management.

Looking for healthcare project management software that will keep your individual projects on track and support your organization’s broader efforts to deliver high-quality care? Look no further than ClearPoint, the strategic project management software that allows hospitals and other healthcare organizations to easily track and manage the projects that help them achieve their objectives.

Do your project managers feel like they have two bosses—one in the Project Management Office who wants to see the status of each project (project spend, percent complete, and project effectiveness), and another in the Strategy Management Office who wants to see how projects are driving strategic objectives (ownership, RAG status, and completion dates)? Creating different reports for different bosses is exhausting. ClearPoint can clean up this mess, and allow you to keep both parties happy while tracking your projects in one place.

Plan and implement your healthcare projects more effectively and efficiently with ClearPoint.

Projects are the key to driving change. No matter the long-term outcome you’re trying to achieve—whether it’s to build a top-notch team of health professionals, increase patient satisfaction rates, or anything else—you can only accomplish it by developing and completing strategic projects.

But managing projects in the healthcare industry is particularly challenging—there are usually a number of internal and external stakeholders involved, costs (and stakes) tend to be high, and visibility across organizations is typically fragmented. ClearPoint was designed to handle all these challenges and more. Healthcare organizations and hospitals that use our project management software have a better overall picture of performance, communicate more effectively with various stakeholders, and spend less time on the low-level tasks associated with project reporting.

When it comes to healthcare, ClearPoint project management software has you covered:

1. It fits the way you work in terms of project and task management.

Any software you choose should support a range of project management methodologies (like agile, waterfall, critical path method, and others) to ensure it will work for you both now and in the future. Your organization may even take a hybrid approach, making this capability even more necessary. ClearPoint can help you effectively track hundreds of projects—and the tasks associated with each one—no matter the methodology you’re using.

2. It is simple to use—period.

Healthcare workers don’t have time to learn complicated software (you have better things to do). Lots of software vendors say their products are easy to use, but we have the customer reviews to back it up: Check us out on G2, and also have a look at this case study, which credits ease of use for the software’s high adoption rate among managers.

Part of its simplicity is due to the drag-and-drop interface; you can also create dashboards and reports in just minutes with a few clicks. Our integrations also help streamline your project workflow: ClearPoint integrates with your other legacy applications, and you can set up connections to local spreadsheets and databases without any coding or IT involvement.

3. It acts as a central hub for your organization’s most important information.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities tend to have numerous departments that operate within their own distinct silos, making it difficult for everyone to work together to improve the organization as a whole. ClearPoint facilitates the execution of departmental projects but also lets you view project progress in terms of organizational strategy. In other words, it supports project execution by allowing you to:

  • Track project progress over time by budget, percent complete, and quality
  • Assign accountability and delegate project responsibilities for easy follow-up
  • Add both quantitative and qualitative analysis to explain a project’s status or progress
  • Create multi-project dashboards to quickly evaluate progress and identify areas that require action
  • Create Gantt charts for scheduling and visualization of tasks
  • Set alerts for yourself or teams when deadlines are approaching, project spending is near the budget limit, new projects or action items are assigned, and more

But what’s unique about ClearPoint is that it isn’t just about projects—it’s also about how those projects impact your strategy. To that end, you can also:

  • Link projects to KPIs or key goals, or link the same project to different goals in different departments
  • Roll up projects into programs and portfolios
  • Create program management dashboards to gain insight into the status and progress of a program and all the projects it includes
  • Create a status dashboard that shows the handful of high-priority projects that have the biggest impact on your strategy

4. It makes it easy for you to use that important information.

While it’s invaluable to have all that great information at your fingertips, your software should also make it easy for you to use and share that information. Healthcare administration and delivery are costly; with ClearPoint, you can better manage resources and spending. Hospitals doing budget planning use our software to allocate resources appropriately; they also use it to track KPIs associated with budgeting and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of projects to determine which initiatives to fund.

And when it comes to reporting, ClearPoint does most of the heavy lifting. It’s simple to create high-level and detailed reports for lots of different audiences; once you’ve created the initial set of reports, you can then generate remaining monthly reports for everyone with just a few clicks. We’ve also automated much of the reporting process, so you aren’t wasting time chasing data updates and distributing reports. In fact, after switching to ClearPoint, San Juan Regional Medical Center estimates that it has reduced reporting time by 89%!

Above all, ClearPoint was designed to help you make good decisions. San Juan Regional’s managers actively use ClearPoint as a process improvement tool because they can easily see and understand their performance and make impactful changes based on the data. Even their senior leaders regularly log into ClearPoint to see where they stand with their goals!

Ready to give ClearPoint a look? If you’re a healthcare facility or hospital looking for project management software, set up a time to talk with our team today!

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Looking for Healthcare Project Management Software? Meet ClearPoint Strategy

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