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Are You Tracking the Right Objectives and Key Results?

There are many organizations who attribute their success and growth largely to the use of OKRs, a popular strategic framework. If you're ready to begin tracking OKRs for your organization, are still exploring the world of OKRs, or already have a strategy in place, our library is the perfect resource for your team.

You'll have an OKR structure in place in no time with the help of our comprehensive list of OKRs. Remember, for each area, you'll want to pick between 3 and 5 Objectives, each with 3-5 Key Results, so use this list as inspiration and customize your set of OKRs to lead your team to success.

With our free library, you'll be able to:

  • Pick from 350+ examples of Objectives and Key Results,
  • Filter OKRs by industry and business area, and
  • Build an OKR framework custom to your organization's goals.
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