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Set and achieve your goals with our FREE OKR Excel Template. Effectively implement OKRs in your organization and drive progress starting today!

You want to implement a performance management and continuous improvement program at your organization and have decided to give Objectives and Key Results a try. Performance management software is an excellent option, but perhaps you want to try and see how everything aligns in Excel first before you commit to a long-term solution—so we’ve provided one for you.

Create your OKR structure and begin improving your results and performance organization-wide. When you’re done filling out this simple, easy-to-use template, you’ll be able to:

  • Better understand how an Excel OKR template can help your organization track and measure performance (and what it won’t help you do).
  • Visualize the correlation between company OKRs and department OKRs so you can ensure alignment between the two levels.
  • Track your Key Result targets and current status to see if you’re on track to meet your goals in the timelines you've defined.
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