Call Center Reporting Dashboard

Call center reporting dashboards visually display the performance of call centers, honing in on response time and effectiveness.

Call center reporting dashboards are operational in nature, allowing viewers to visualize metrics relating to response time and effectiveness of one or more call centers. These dashboards make it easy to identify particular call centers that are lagging behind so that leadership can step in as necessary. The best dashboards combine quantitative and qualitative information to provide relevant context as necessary to explain trends, dips, and peaks.

Call Center Metrics

Call Center Metrics

Call handle time, call wait time, and the number of answered and abandoned calls are key metrics often included in call center dashboards, as these metrics help gauge the effectiveness of the call center, which is closely linked to customer satisfaction. This line graph can show us the performance of how quickly the call center is responding to calls by tracking the average wait time.There are several other useful metrics that can be tracked and visualized in call center reporting dashboards to better understand their performance:

  • Total calls
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • # of calls needed to resolve each issue
  • Busiest call times
  • Call times by center
  • Call times by employee

Detailed Call Data

Call Data

Another example of how to track current performance can be through the calculation of answered and abandoned calls placed along the side of total calls. This allows for a visual representation of how well the call center is picking up on calls overall. On top of this data analysis, ClearPoint allows you to customize your chart to also calculate the call abandonment rate over time with the percentages located on the right-hand side of the chart. Thus, all the information can be consolidated neatly into a single chart without having to create multiple charts.

Key Elements for Call Center Reporting Dashboards:

  • Visual display of status of key metrics tied to call center performance and customer satisfaction
  • Ability to drill down for more information on a particular call center or metric
  • Qualitative analysis to offer context on metric and overall call center performance