Community and Local Government Dashboard Template

Community and local government dashboard templates allow local governments to share their performance and progress with residents.

Community and local government dashboard templates offer a framework for local governments to share the progress of their strategic plan with residents and other stakeholders. In doing so, these government dashboards increase transparency and open the lines of communication between governments and the communities they serve.

City and county dashboards often highlight their strategic goals and allow residents to drill down to learn more about the initiatives the city is undertaking to reach these goals. These dashboards often also display metrics that track the government's progress toward achieving its goals. ClearPoint's dashboards allow viewers to select their preferred language when viewing the dashboard, making it even more accessible.In the example below of the dashboard ClearPoint created for the City of Sugar Land, the City showcases its five strategic goals --Safest City in America, Strong Local Economy, Responsible City Government, Great Place to Live, and Building Community. Residents can then click into each goal, such as the Safest City in America goal shown below, to view the status of the measures linked to each goal.

Goal Overview

Within ‘Safest City in America’, residents get a high-level overview of the goal’s progress as well as the definition and status of each measure. They can click into any of the measures to see the numbers behind the status indicator. For example, if a resident clicked into ‘Fire Response Time’, they see what the City is tracking to evaluate the goal’s progress.

Drilling Down on Measure Details

After clicking on ‘Fire Response Time’, residents can see the chart tracking the percent of EMS response times that were under 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Though the green indicator tells the resident that the number falls above the target, the resident might be left wondering how to interpret or value this measure. With this dashboard chart, they can navigate through the bottom menu that maps nearby Fire Stations, provides analysis, defines the metric and its target, states the significance and the source. Beyond understanding the quantitative progress of the measure, they can understand exactly why you are tracking this measure and how it affects them. This qualitative context to the dashboard creates more informed residents.

Scorecard Overview

If a resident wants to view the full City scorecard at-a-glance, they can click the link in the top right corner and arrive at this page. This gives an overview of the City’s strategy, including all five strategic priorities, the goals within each, and what metrics they use to evaluate their progress. Status indicators are included so residents can easily assess the progress on each measure.

Key Elements for Community and Local Government Dashboard Templates

  • A summary of the community or local government’s key strategic goals and measures: A summary of the community or local government’s key strategic goals and measures provides a high-level overview of the organization’s strategic plan. This gives residents a snapshot of the status of different initiatives within the community.
  • An update on the community’s progress toward goals: An update on the community’s progress toward goals is necessary to keep the strategic plan moving forward. It is crucial that local governments continue to assess their goals throughout the process, adapt, and make changes where needed. Furthermore, local governments want their residents and other stakeholders to be continually updated through the execution of their strategic plan.
  • Visual status updates on the community or local government’s ongoing initiatives: Visual status updates are a useful tool to display data easily and efficiently to your stakeholders. Most residents prefer to view visual updates on the progress of initiatives, rather than a long report. Due to this, using visuals helps to increase engagement and participation from your stakeholders throughout the implementation of your strategic plan.

Intended Audience

This dashboard is intended to be viewed by residents of your local government. Residents can utilize this dashboard to remain informed on the progress of their local government’s strategic plan. This gives them the ability make educated decisions regarding different initiatives and enables them to have more of a voice within their local government.

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