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Community and Local Government Dashboard Template

Community and local government dashboard templates offer allow local governments to share their performance and progress with citizens.

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Community and local government dashboard templates offer a framework for local governments to share the progress of their strategic plan with citizens and other stakeholders. In doing so, these government dashboards increase transparency and open the lines of communication between governments and the communities they serve.

City and county dashboards often highlight their strategic goals and allow viewers to drill down to learn more about what initiatives the city is undertaking to reach these goals. These dashboards often also display metrics that track the government’s progress toward achieving its goals. ClearPoint also allows viewers to select their preferred language when viewing the dashboard, making it even more accessible.

In the example below of the dashboard ClearPoint created for Arapahoe County, Arapahoe has chosen to showcase its three strategic priorities–Service First, Fiscal Responsibility, and Quality of Life–as well as the goals linked to these priorities. Citizens can then click into each goal, such as the Workforce Excellence goal shown below, to view the status of the measures linked to each goal.

Goal Overview


Within Workforce Excellence, citizens get a high-level overview of the goal’s progress as well as the definition and status of each measure. They can click into any of the measures to see the numbers behind the status indicator. For example, if a citizen clicked into Talent Development, they can see what is being tracked to evaluate the goal’s progress.

Drilling Down on Measure Details

Bar chart tracking talent development

After clicking on Talent Development, citizens can see the chart tracking the total number of management classes attended by staff members. Though the green status indicator tells the citizen that the number exceeds the target, the citizen might be left wondering how to interpret or value this measure. With this dashboard chart, they can navigate through the bottom menu that tells them the definition, importance, impact, and analysis of the measure. Beyond understanding just the quantitative progress of the measure, they can understand exactly why you are tracking this measure and how it affects them. This qualitative context to the dashboard will create more informed citizens.

Scorecard Overview

Overview of the county's strategic plan

If a citizen wanted to view the “Full County Scorecard”, they could click the link in the top right corner and arrive at this page. This gives an overview of the county’s strategy, including all three strategic priorities, the goals within each, and what metrics they are using to evaluate their progress. Status indicators are included so citizens can easily assess the progress on each measure. Citizens can also click each measure to see the data informing the status indicator.

Key Elements for Community and Local Government Dashboard Templates

  • A summary of the community or local government’s key strategic goals and measures
  • An update on the community’s progress toward these goals thus far
  • Visual status updates on the community or local government’s ongoing initiatives

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