Department Performance Dashboard

Department performance dashboards offer a holistic view of strategic performance in one or more of an organization's departments.

Department performance dashboards offer a holistic view of performance in one or more of an organization's departments. These dashboards are a fantastic tool for both strategic and operational planning.Some department performance dashboards offer executives a high-level view of performance across departments so that the overall health of the organization as a whole can be determined. These dashboards make it easy to identify divisions lagging behind as well as those leading the pack.A gauge dashboard is often a great fit for these department performance dashboards as gauges offer visualization of red, yellow, and green status across divisions. The best divisional performance dashboards, like this example from ClearPoint, make it easy to drill down into a department for details on what exactly is contributing to a department's red, yellow, or green status.

Gauge Charts

Gauge chart shows status of the Human Resources department

Gauge charts can be a great way to see how each department is doing at any given point in time. These charts show the status of each department overall with the red, yellow, and green colors. For example, the ticker shows the Human Resources department at 96% during this period, within the green status. We can also see that Human Resources is near the upper end of the green status, in addition to having the red and yellow statuses for context. Gauge charts are useful in department performance dashboards because users can quickly understand the relative performance of each department, even if departments have different evaluation methods.Other department dashboards offer insight into a particular department's performance across the board. These dashboards show the status of all the department's activities and make it easy for department leaders to identify areas of concern and successes to replicate. Dashboards that include charts displaying performance in various activities over time are a great option for these single department dashboards, as they make it easy for leadership to identify trends and incorporate relevant context into the consideration of next steps.

Key Elements for Department Performance Dashboards

  • Standardized charts to allow for easy comparison across or within departments
  • Ability to drill down for more details on a particular goal, measure, or initiative
  • Status updates on ongoing projects and presentation of next steps