Executive Dashboard Template

This executive dashboard template shows how key information can be summarized to allow for easy decision-making by executives.

An executive dashboard template summarizes strategic information at a high-level for busy executives. These executive dashboards allow for leadership to quickly grasp what's going well and what issues need to be addressed. The keys to a successful dashboard are clarity and brevity; executive dashboards should seek to display all critical information without including extraneous details that won't drive decision-making.In this example from ClearPoint, the executive dashboard template serves as a quarterly snapshot of the organization's progress towards achieving its corporate strategy. Each strategic objective is shown with a status indicator displaying whether it is on track, needs close monitoring, or needs immediate action.The red, yellow, and green status indicators for these objectives allows the organization's health to be assessed at a glance, and the information displayed regarding the status of linked indicators offer more context for the overall status of each strategic objective. Finally, sections for analysis and action plan offer more context for the objective's status and let executives know what next steps are planned.

Action Items

Action items with owners

This Executive Dashboard includes a section for action items. This area displays current action items, as well as their associated owners. If an action item is completed, the action item will be crossed out and displayed with a check mark. This section can be helpful in displaying critical action items for executives, whether they need to track their progress or follow up with the owner.

Details about an action item to survey customers

Executives can drill down on each action item for more details. By clicking on an action item, executives can view important details and better understand the status of each action item for follow-up. Owners of action items will update their information in custom fields, like the fields above. This will let other users easily know the status of action items and promote the flow of information across departments and organizational levels.

Key Elements for Executive Dashboard Templates

  • High-level visualization of an organization's overall health across objectives, measures, and initiatives
  • Qualitative fields for executive summary and analysis
  • Indication of next steps to be taken