HR Recruitment Dashboard Template

An HR Recruitment Dashboard Template serves as a central hub of information for HR managers as they track candidates through the hiring process.

HR Recruitment Dashboard Templates help HR managers visualize candidates currently in the recruiting pipeline as well as vacancies within the company that must be filled. By compiling all the information relating to an organization's recruitment in one place, HR Recruitment Dashboards streamline the recruiting and hiring process and help HR managers to achieve their goals--including full employment capacity.


In this HR Recruitment Dashboard Template example from ClearPoint, a candidate pipeline report indicates which candidates are applying for which positions and how far each individual has progressed through the process of interviewing and being approved for a job.

Next Step

Through the next steps report above, we can see which owner is responsible for a specific next step task. It is a set up as a checklist where tasks can be marked off once completed, which makes it visibly easier to take note of work progress along with individual accountability.


A visualization of the organization’s current vacancies is also included in the dashboard to offer context on how many positions must be filled. We are able to see that the red line indicates the target vacancy percentage and that the FTE remains along or above it.

Key Elements of an HR Recruitment Dashboard Template

  • Visualization of candidate pipeline
  • Designation of clear next steps in the recruitment process
  • Display of current vacancies within the organization