Three Year / Five Year Strategic Plan Example

Multi-year strategic plans, such as three year strategic plans or five year strategic plans, allow organizations to plan and work towards their long term goals.

Multi-year strategic plans make it simple for organizations to visualize and track their goals for the next several years. Dashboard views of these three or five year strategic plans make it easy for an entire organization to understand the roadmap for the coming years and adjust their actions accordingly to meet key goals.

Data Grid

Data Grid

This data grid displays each critical KPI with targets, forecasts, and actual performance. By displaying these data series, managers can better visualize where the business should be in three or five years, along with their current status. Users can manually calculate forecast data or automate the calculations in ClearPoint. With ClearPoint, users can pull these critical KPIs from wherever they are tracked in the organization.

Measure Details: Chart

Revenue Graph

The best three-year and five-year strategic plans make it easy to drill down into each goal, metric, and initiative for further details on how each will be accomplished, and any historical data is available. For example, from the data grid, users can drill down on a KPI, like Revenue. Here, a user will view the KPI data and other custom fields, including recommendations and custom charts. Above is an example of a ClearPoint custom chart showing actual monthly revenue with a target trendline.Three and five year strategic plans are often used in conjunction with short term planning to allow an organization to see how short term projects and actions contribute to long term goals. From this dashboard view, users can drill down on the critical KPIs for more details and to see action plans. For more information on creating multi-year strategic plans, check out our blog post Four Things You Must Do For a Successful Five-Year Strategic Plan.

Key Elements for Three Year / Five Year Strategic Plan Examples

  • High level overview of organization's objective

A high level overview of the organization’s objective allows leaders to see and know what goals they’re looking to meet. It serves as a reminder to the organization of where they are headed and gives them direction for planning. A high-level overview also allows leaders to see a quick snapshot of their objectives and whether or not they are making progress towards meeting their goals. This allows leadership to quickly decide where they should focus their efforts and draws attention to projects and projects that they should celebrate.

  • Listing of strategic goals for the years to come

A list of strategic goals for the years to come allows leadership and C-suite executives to think of their long-term goals and see where the business should be in three to five years. This allows executives and leaders to better understand if they’re on track to meet these goals, and how realistic the goals are with the current standing and movement.

  • Visualization of annual targets for key KPIs

A visualization of annual targets for key KPIs is necessary in a three to five year dashboard as it allows leaders to see their progress. Three to five year dashboards are intended to remind managers where they’re headed. The dashboard should also serve as a monthly or quarterly check-in to make sure you’re on track towards the long-term goals by ensuring you’re meeting your short-term goals. Annual targets for key KPIs indicate if that long-term goal will be met based on current progress.

Intended Audience

This dashboard is intended to be viewed by the leaders of your company. Executive teams, such as the C-Suite, or leaders in various industries can utilize this dashboard to gain an understanding of how they’re meeting goals throughout their organization.