Data Integration

Say goodbye and good riddance to manual data entry.

Cut and paste or manually enter data.

Update your goals, measures, and projects without confusion.

You have multiple data sources managed by many people—but with ClearPoint’s reporting software, you can directly add your data or simply cut and paste it from another data source.

  • Avoid version control issues by allowing multiple people to make simultaneous updates.
  • Cut and paste from Excel directly into data tables.
  • Calculate averages and sums.

Load data automatically.

Take back your time and eliminate version control issues.

ClearPoint’s data loader automatically pulls in information from well-structured spreadsheets, data warehouses, or other applications.

  • Link your spreadsheets directly to ClearPoint so you avoid entering data twice.
  • Load data easily from any database that can be queried with SQL.
  • Schedule the ClearPoint data loader to run at any frequency.

Pull data from other applications with an API.

This is the quickest and easiest way to ensure your information is in sync.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated way to integrate your open or more complex data source, ClearPoint’s API is the answer.

  • Integrate with your on-premise or cloud-based applications using the RESTful API.
  • Write custom integrations to push your data to (or pull your data from) ClearPoint.
  • Leverage the API to custom-integrate with other sources of data.

Integrate with Zapier.

Easily automate your tasks, so you’re working smarter—not harder.

Zapier allows you to automate many tasks between different online applications—and with ClearPoint, integration is simple.

  • Create your own Zaps.
  • Use Zaps others have created to link to your information or applications.

Get the job done with ClearPoint.