Data Quality: 6 Websites, Blogs, & Tips To Keep In Mind

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Dylan, Founder and Managing Partner at ClearPoint, has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to improve their performance management and strategy execution processes.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “What gets measured gets done”? When applied to business, it means putting measurement at the center of your management and decision-making process.  But what if your measurement isn’t accurate? What implications does that have for your management or decision-making? If this concerns you, read on.

At its simplest, data quality is the measurement of whether your data is 100% accurate. This is a very basic definition, of course. BusinessIntelligence.com defines it as “a multi-dimensional measurement of the adequacy of a particular datum or data sets.” Informatica defines it as “the overall utility of a dataset(s) as a function of its ability to be easily processed and analyzed for other uses, usually by a database, data warehouse, or data analytics system.”

Whatever definition you go with, data quality is of absolute importance. It is vital for organizations who are looking to make data-driven decisions—and if the data is even slightly off, it could offer misleading results (and result in catastrophic losses).

Below, we’ve outlined six resources to turn to for information about data quality. Take a look!

Data Quality: 6 Websites, Blogs, & Tips To Keep In Mind

1. Twitter’s #dataquality

Typically, we would point you toward a number of specific accounts on Twitter that offer quality advice on data quality (har har). But in this case, the hashtag #dataquality pulls together some of the best resources into one organized Twitter feed. From articles like Beginner’s Guide to Data Quality to Five Data Quality Lessons from Amazon, you’ll find a host of regularly updated articles from a number of industries.

Not all of the tweets are articles. You’ll also find some great charts, quips, and even webinars from industry and experts:

2. Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality (OCDQ) Blog & Podcast

The OCDQ blog and podcast is run by Jim Harris, a freelance writer, professional speaker, and independent consultant with over 20 years of data management experience. It focuses on all things data quality, governance, and management.

Unfortunately, the blog and podcasts are not regularly updated—but the content available is still worth taking a look at. You could check out his most popular blogs, organized by category, or take a look at one of his older (but more popular) podcasts, titled Data Quality and Big Data.

3. Information Management On Data Quality

Information Management covers a variety of topics, including “the latest news, commentary and feature content serving the information technology and business community.” (Note that the majority of the content here is gated, so you must create a free account for access.)

The data quality section highlights articles on “the tools and processes that result in the creation of correct, complete and valid data that is required to support sound decision-making.” Recent article headlines include Data Quality Gets Only Lip Service by Too Many Senior Execs and Majority of Organizations Struggle With Data Quality.

4. Experian’s Data Quality Blog

Not all of the articles posted to this blog seem particularly pertinent to data quality in general (and are more specific to Experian’s data quality initiatives), but some do a great job summarizing topics in this area. Recent articles like Manual vs. automated data validation and 9 standout quotes from ‘Gain better customer insight via improved data quality’ webinar offer some interesting insight on the topic and are worth the read.

5. International Association For Information And Data Quality (IAIDQ)

The IAIDQ was established in 2004 as a nonprofit society of “people who are interested in promoting and defining information and data quality.” Members belong to a number of varied industries and organizations worldwide who have a common goal of focusing on improved data and information quality. They offer a quarterly journal, regular webinars on a variety of pertinent topics, and more.

6. Excellent Reporting Software

Data often lives all over the place and in different departments, which makes tracking it across the organization problem. A critical issue with data quality is version control. If different departments are constantly entering data in a number of different Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheets, your data is far more prone to human error. Typos happen, numbers get changed, cut and paste issues appear, and pretty soon your data quality is less than superior.

If you’re able to purchase a reporting software solution with a high-quality data loader, you can connect your data sources directly and can often tap into any SQL-queried database, XLS, or CSV file.

Where do you find your data quality information?

This list isn’t exhaustive—but we’d like it to be. Where is your go-to spot online for information about data quality? Tweet us @clearpointstrat and let us know! You may find your favorite source on our next update of this article.

Data Quality: 6 Websites, Blogs, & Tips To Keep In Mind