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Control your data, replace manual reporting with  
automatic analysis, and deliver more value to your
leadership team—all in a day’s work.

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Get rid of management reporting monsters
so you can focus on what matters.

Pulling together a helpful monthly report can become a daily struggle. From version control nightmares to constant data entry, reporting can easily go from a piece of your job to your entire position. But with ClearPoint, you can simplify the way your data is used (and relieve your headache) by ensuring that your reporting process is simple and efficient.

Quickly and easily build management reports with ClearPoint.

Custom Report Layouts

ClearPoint allows you to organize your data however you’d like, so you can create clean, polished, beautiful custom reports and Balanced Scorecards that your team can easily understand.

PDF Reports

Getting your team on the same page has never been easier. ClearPoint’s PDF reports allow you to compile, display, and distribute your management reports with ease.

Controlled Calculations

Say goodbye to repeated data entry; enter your data once in ClearPoint and use it anywhere in the system so you can easily evaluate the progress you’ve made on your plan.

Data Integration

With ClearPoint, you can effortlessly connect to legacy software systems using SQL or CSV and integrate with on-premise software and cloud applications using a RESTful API.

Leading finance organizations manage their strategy with ClearPoint.


“ClearPoint was engineered to ensure key data would show up on one page and was easy to read… Now that the system is set up, we have more time to do deeper analysis, not just what happens month to month, but over, say, a two-year time period. Now that the data is more trusted, more people are asking for it.” PG&E