17 Key Reporting Software Updates ClearPoint Made In 2017

Happy New Year!

Every year, our resolution is to make ClearPoint management reporting software even better than the previous year. But before we dive into 2018, we wanted to take a moment to fill you in on our biggest and most important updates in 2017! Have you started taking advantage of these improvements yet?

1. Multiple In-Line Edits At Once

Report updates can now be done in a fraction of the time with our new multi-editing feature. Enter data, capture data analysis, and provide a project or measure status update in one fell swoop.

2. Quick History Menu

You asked for a way to jump from page to page in ClearPoint, so we delivered. You can now quickly return to the pages you most recently viewed with the History button.

3. Custom Column Width Options

Additional column width options—which can be set in-line or from the report editor—help ClearPoint customers get the most out of their summary reports.

4. And/Or Filtering

Previously, filtering data in ClearPoint was limited to “or” criteria. Now, users can select “and/or” criteria to generate more accurate results, and then create better reports.

5. Dynamic Date Filtering

Tracking projects or date-based elements in ClearPoint? Dynamic date filtering makes it possible to create a report that only shows elements added within a date range you specify, for example.

6. Quick Summary Report Sorting

You can now sort your reports in-line to quickly change the way you view a data table. This also gives you additional insight into your data that would be hard to get otherwise. Using this sorting feature, you can group all of your red status indicators together (or all of the elements owned by a particular individual).

7. Recycle Bin

Recycle bin

At some point, we’ve all accidentally deleted something we’ve spent a lot of time working on. Not to worry—you can now rescue mistakenly deleted items from your recycle bin.

8. Strategy Map Builder

Pixel perfect? You bet. Icons in your strategy map can now be moved a single pixel at a time until they’re perfectly aligned. You can also select multiple elements and align them with a single click.

9. Aggregate Series

A new type of calculation released in early 2017, aggregate series can be used to sum or average all series from a given scorecard or from measures matching your criteria.

10. Status Indicator Counting

Status indicator counting

Use this feature to get a high-level overview of how your projects or initiatives are performing, including which are on-track and which are falling behind.

11. Static Evaluations

Need to examine hard-coded targets? You can now compare actuals against a static target instead of one that fluctuates based on a reporting period or calculation.

12. Increased Chart Functionality

More options mean more perfect charts! ClearPoint charts can now be further customized using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). This means you can choose your company’s colors or add additional chart options offered by HighCharts.

13. Chart Exporting

Ever want to quickly download an image of a single chart? Now charts can be downloaded as a JPG or PNG with the click of a button.

14. Alerts Inbox

Alerts inbox

See all of your notifications in one central place so you can keep track of your changes (including exports and updates).

15. Notification Controls

Take control over how and when you are notified by ClearPoint. You can get instant notifications, a daily digest of all notifications, and you can also disable certain notifications.

16. Measures Library

Measures library

In addition to its early 2017 debut, the measures library now allows organizations to view and link to multiple measures in other organization’s accounts. Further, ICMA data is now a part of the measures library, which allows users to see measure averages for all measure library members.

17. Cloud-Based Data Loader

Account administrators in ClearPoint can now manage data loader packages from one central place—regardless of what computer those packages live on. This allows an administrator to more easily manage multiple data sources pulling information into ClearPoint.

Thanks to our ClearPoint customers for making 2017 a wonderful year.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2018, including measure library improvements, master measure templates, and automatic initiative evaluations.

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