Martin County Schools and ClearPoint Strategy

Martin County Schools adopted ClearPoint to fit their Balanced Scorecard framework and report district-wide. Here’s their story.

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

Say hello to Steve. He’s in charge of strategy at Martin County Schools. They have been using the Balanced Scorecard methodology since 2007. Steve changed some terminology and tweaked the traditional scorecard a bit, but it works well for them.

Steve has been wanting to move away from tracking KPIs in Excel for the last couple years, but worried no scorecard or strategy software could handle his customized approach. Enter ClearPoint Strategy.

To get started, Steve added a scorecard called Martin County School District.


With his scorecard added, Steve quickly adds his perspectives or categories.


Martin County Schools does not use traditional scorecard terminology. They refer to “objectives” as “goals” while “measures” are dubbed “KPIs.” Steve likes how element names can easily be customized in ClearPoint without involving his IT Team.


Next, Steve adds his goals and links them to his categories. In less than five minutes, Steve has customized the system and is almost done setting up his scorecard.


Steve quickly adds his KPIs so the entire framework is set up.

KPIs too

Next, Steve takes his school’s strategy map that was created in PowerPoint and uploads it into ClearPoint. He can drag out icons on the screen for the different goals that he can use to drill-down for more details.

Martin County Strat Map

He loops in his two analysts and gives them access to ClearPoint. Together, they can bring their data into ClearPoint from Excel. He is excited about using the Data Loader to schedule data uploads automatically soon.

DL Schedule

Red, yellow, and green status indicators are very important to Martin County’s process. Steve and the analysts took a couple minutes to set up automatic evaluations to compare their actuals to target. No more human error.


For their Balanced Scorecard based approach, Steve needs some more fields to report with. He does not need to contact IT or the ClearPoint Support Team for this additional configuration, and simply creates the new fields he needs himself.

Custom Field

Each page can have a customized layout depending on what is most important to view, and it is up to Steve and his end-users.


With the first scorecard built, Steve adds more users to help create scorecards for each department. Everyone can login online and there is no need for IT Support.

Add User

Departments can add their own goals in their own scorecards along with KPIs. Anything that is important at the top-level can be rolled up via linking or through simple calculations. Thanks to linkages and pulling data from anywhere in ClearPoint for calculations, hierarchical relationships can clearly be shown. No more broken Excel references.


Steve now has users in ClearPoint from around the organization all contributing to reporting on strategy.


Steve schedules emails within ClearPoint to automatically go out to people who have not made their updates.

Email Reminder

It’s a nice gentle reminder and ClearPoint even sends the user a list of what they need to update. They can click through each element to be taken right to it for updating. It’s a built-in checklist.


It’s almost time for the Monthly Strategy Meeting. Steve has created a Briefing Book template to include everything they need to report out. He runs the report.

Create BB

Now he has a PDF document to send along as a pre-read. All the links in the PDF are live links, so readers can easily click through and navigate the document.

Briefing Book

With the ClearPoint Mobile App, anything Steve wants to know about his Balanced Scorecard is at his fingertips.


Steve made strategy accessible. People can see how what they do contribute to Martin County Schools’ long-term prospects. Everyone has transparency and easy insight. He’s a reporting superhero.


Martin County Schools and ClearPoint Strategy