View and share your reports in any format you choose.

Responsive design for smartphones and tablets.

Easily use and navigate the software from any device.

Work doesn’t always stop when you leave the office—and you often need to be able to access your reports whenever you are. ClearPoint provides an optimal interaction experience with any device.

  • Use ClearPoint from any smart device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • View charts and fields at the correct size for your device, so you spend less time scrolling.
  • Navigate through your reports with no effort on your part.

Create briefing books.

Easily brief your leadership team with customized, automatically built monthly and quarterly PDF reports.

With ClearPoint, creating reports for your team is a breeze. The hyperlinks in your briefing book allow viewers to navigate the document the same way you’d navigate in the software.

  • See your exported reports in the same format as they are online (WYSIWYG).
  • Print any report in portrait, landscape, letter, legal, or A4 for easy offline reporting review.
  • Save our report template and layout for easy generation each quarter.

Export reports to Excel and PowerPoint.

Distribute your reports with the flexibility your organization requires.

You need to be able to meet the needs of everyone in your organization—and ClearPoint easily allows you to do so.

  • Export any grid views—from measure data tables to summary reports—to Microsoft Excel.
  • Export any charts, large or small, to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Publish to community dashboards.

Build beautiful, public-facing websites integrated with ClearPoint.

If you’re a municipality, nonprofit, or public-sector organization, you likely need a way to share your reports and results online. ClearPoint makes this process painless and simple.

  • Keep your public-facing website in sync with information in ClearPoint.
  • Publish your reports to HTML or use our WordPress plugin to create beautiful websites.
  • Integrate ClearPoint with many major municipal content management systems.

Get the job done with ClearPoint.