Strategy planning & execution software for
healthcare providers

One single source of truth for reporting on performance, patient experience, and quality metrics. Enhance operational efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve patient outcomes with a user-friendly solution built for leading healthcare providers.

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Showcase quality improvement

  • Track KPIs across departments
  • Aggregate data from various sources
  • Track programs and tie investments to results
  • Data all in one place for better decision-making
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Tailor reports for different stakeholders

  • Custom dashboards and standardized reporting
  • Track progress on projects and initiatives
  • Comprehensive view for improved decision-making
  • Provide qualitative analysis to contextualize data
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Measure what matters

  • Track health assessments and improvement plans
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory standards
  • Improve quality ratings and reputation
  • Streamline the accreditation process for PHAB, TJC, and more
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See ClearPoint Strategy in action

ClearPoint Strategy offers a comprehensive solution to streamline strategic planning, management, and execution for healthcare providers.
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4.7 out of 5 stars
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4.4 out of 5 stars
20% of our provider compensation is now tied to performance management… this incentive has helped us drive positive behaviors and improve outcomes.”
Darren Eversole
Director of Finance
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Healthcare organizations using ClearPoint

Read more about how Carilion Clinic leverages ClearPoint's performance management capabilities. Darren Eversole shares how the platform drives improved outcomes.
In this performance management case study, find out how one hospital's switch to ClearPoint has given managers the clarity (and simplicity) they need to improve performance.
Frequently Asked Questions

Strategy software for healthcare providers

How does ClearPoint Strategy help healthcare providers?

ClearPoint helps healthcare providers streamline strategic planning, management, and execution by integrating data from various sources, automating reporting, and providing real-time insights. These features improve operational efficiency, assess patient outcomes and programs, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

How can ClearPoint improve our strategic reporting?

ClearPoint offers customizable dashboards, standardized reporting templates, and AI-driven analytics.
This enables healthcare organizations to track key performance indicators (KPIs), HEDIS measures, and other critical data points efficiently, for accurate and insightful reporting and better decision-making.

Can ClearPoint integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, ClearPoint is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Our platform aggregates data from multiple sources, allowing for a unified approach to data management and strategic reporting without disrupting your current processes.