The Top 9 Strategy Consultants On Twitter

If you want to make more strategic business decisions, you need to follow these nine leading strategy consultants.

Ted, Founder and Managing Partner at ClearPoint, has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to improve their performance management and strategy execution processes.

Learn. Innovate. Establish. Grow. Influence. Create. Target. Organize. Excel.

These are just a few of the words that I’ve seen repeatedly as I’ve reviewed the Twitter feeds, blogs, books, and biographies of independent strategy consultants. Do these sound like something you’d be interested in? I bet so.

Strategy is critical in any organization. So I’ve gathered a list of nine leading independent strategy consultants (organized alphabetically by last name) who have stellar Twitter accounts and have documented them here. If you follow these individuals, I’m certain you’ll learn some tips and tricks on how to make well-informed, strategic business choices and stay “in the know” about industry updates.

The Top 9 Strategy Consultants On Twitter

1. Mike Arauz

According to Mike Arauz’s Twitter account, he is “on a mission to help great teams make their dent in the universe.” He is the founder of Red Hook Strategic Partners, where he works with startups, established businesses, and organizations that are dealing with troubles internally or externally. His 11K+ Twitter followers enjoy his regular tweets and retweets from other independent strategy consultants and thought leaders alike. You can read more about Arauz at his personal website, MikeArauz.com.

2. Mike Brown, 3. Barrett Sydnor

Mike Brown and Barrett Sydnor are the brain trust behind The Brainzooming Group, a strategy planning firm which they describe as a “catalyst” that helps companies reach their strategic potential. They provide coaching and counseling for strategy planning, organizational culture, branding, sales, and more. The Brainzooming Twitter account, run by Brown, is chock-full of helpful tips and links to their company blog.

4. Ilana Eberson

Ilana Eberson is the president of the New York City Business Networking Group (NYCBNG), one of the top networking groups in the Big Apple that caters to startups, established businesses, investors, and various other businesspeople. She is well-versed in the “art of networking” and also works to privately coach organizations and individuals on how to make the most of business networking opportunities. Her Twitter feed is packed with helpful advice and retweets.

5. Kimberly N. Evans

A self-proclaimed “business geek,” Kimberely Evans is the founder of Game Change Enterprises. Her company offers online business coaching and consulting for companies who are looking for step-by-step business strategy advice. She retweets relevant articles under the hashtag #gamechangeforall, and keeps her Twitter followers updated on her blog, as well.

6. Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile is the founder and creator of the Quiet Power Strategy. Gentile uses her programs to help business leaders and entrepreneurs find their strengths, grow their influence, and lead their companies more successfully. She has written several books on business strategy, including her book on “Quiet Power Strategy.” Her Twitter feed offers bits of business insight, inspirational quotes, and links to important industry articles.

7. Edmund S. Lee

“Inspiring people worldwide to reach their full human potential,” Edmund Lee is a leading business strategist with a focus on branding and social media strategy. He works directly with companies to rebrand their image and vamp up their marketing efforts to better drive growth, traffic, and profits. His Twitter feed is comprised of helpful #TwitterTips, links to his blog, information from his website, and quotes from other social media experts.

8. Roger L. Martin

Roger Martin is a prolific “thinker, author, strategist, and advisor,” and is the Institute Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, CA. In 2013, he was ranked third on the Thinkers50 list, a prestigious ranking of global business thinkers (and has been recognized numerous other times, as well). He has authored and co-authored 10 books, including the Washington Post and Wall Street Journal bestseller “Playing To Win: How Strategy Really Works.” Martin is a valued speaker and strategy advisor, and has helped big-name companies like P&G, Lego, and Verizon with their strategies. He regularly retweets interesting industry-specific stories and important articles, which his 10K+ followers enjoy.

9. Stephen Monaco

Stephen Monaco is a consultant, speaker, and strategist who focuses on integrated social media marketing. He is the author of “Insightful Knowledge: An Enlightened View of Social Media Strategy & Marketing,” and speaks regularly on marketing strategy and entrepreneurism (which you can read more about on his website). He tweets out a handful of interesting articles from his industry every day with equally-useful commentary.

Who’s Missing From Our List?

We’ve highlighted some incredibly smart and talented individuals, but I’m sure we’ve missed quite a few. Tweet us @clearpointstrat and the person you mention may just end up on a later iteration of this article!

The Top 9 Strategy Consultants On Twitter