The Top 5 ClearPoint Customizations That Can Fit Your Reporting Needs

Your organization is unique—does your reporting software reflect that? Find out how ClearPoint can be customized to meet your needs.

Joseph, Director of Customer Success at ClearPoint, has over 10 years of experience working with customers to create efficient performance management and strategy execution processes.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You’re looking for reporting software for your organization, but most of the solutions you’ve come across force you to report the way they want you to report—not the way you want to report. You just want to be able to customize your reports to fit your needs… is that really too much to ask?

We have heard this issue many times before—and have built ClearPoint around it. Below, you’ll find some details on five customizations that you’re able to use with ClearPoint report software.

1. CSS

CSS—an acronym for “cascading style sheets”—is a coding language that works with HTML to help you visually style the front end of your website. Using CSS, you can customize ClearPoint to fit your organization’s brand and style guide, through personalized fonts, colors, borders and headers. 

2. Pods

A pod is a field of information in ClearPoint that allows you to display the information you want, where you want, and when you want. In each pod, you can choose a border, header, and text head style using CSS; these elements allow you to create a unified look across your account or highlight individual pieces of information. .

Let’s say you want to print a particular page by exporting it as a PDF, but you don’t want a particular pod to print. With ClearPoint software, you can easily hide it from printing, while keeping it displayed online. Or, if you’re presenting online to your board and don’t want the board to see a particular pod, you can hide it from online view for as long as you need. You can even hide pods based on user permission level—so only your administrators can see a particular pod until you’re ready to publish it.

3. Briefing Books

You can export reports from ClearPoint in a clickable PDF format—these reports are called briefing books. They can be viewed offline, which makes them ideal for distributing selected information prior to a meeting or sending out monthly data in an organized, easy-to-explore format. They offer an easy way to distribute information across your organization once all of your data has been updated. The customized header and footer of the briefing book are created with HTML and CSS, so it’s simple to add an image, watermark, or logo (shown above). You can also add a custom cover page to your book for an even more professional look.

4. Custom Fields

There is no limit to the types of data you can display in ClearPoint thanks to our extensive custom field options. Custom fields allow you to display whatever is important to you on each page and even pull in data from other places on ClearPoint—after all, these are your reports, and you should be able to do with them what you’d like. You can create custom picklists, display an image, reference a chart from another page, and so much more.

5. Summary Layouts

Summary layouts bring together information from multiple elements of ClearPoint. A summary view allows you to have a summary of your current action items visible with your key objectives upon login. You can make as many customizations as you like. For example, you could:

  • See what initiatives along with key milestones are contributing to particular measures.
  • Show who is collaborating on each project.
  • Display a discussion field for each element.
  • Filter elements by their RAG status to track what is or isn’t performing well.

In Summary

This is your data, and we want you to display it in a way that represents your organization at its best. With ClearPoint, you don’t have to worry about updating your Excel file every time you make an edit. The software is flexible enough to meet your needs both visually and informationally. Ready to give it a spin? You can begin a 15-day free trial today!

The Top 5 ClearPoint Customizations That Can Fit Your Reporting Needs