Announcing Webhooks! Integrate ClearPoint With Your Other Apps

Webhooks give apps the ability to send messages or information to other apps and can automatically save your documents or add things to your to-do list.

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ClearPoint webhooks allow you to send information from ClearPoint to other applications in order to share information or take action.

If you’re anything like us, you leverage a lot of applications in order to track data, increase efficiency, and improve processes throughout your organization. ClearPoint is likely one of many tools you use every day (I just counted 16 apps I have bookmarked on my web browser… I’m scared to count the number of additional apps I have on my phone). With webhooks, there are endless possibilities for integrating with other applications.

 ‘Webhooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps.’ - Zapier 

Tools like Zapier and Microsoft Flow allow us to leverage webhooks by providing the connection between each of the tools. We build hooks you can use in ClearPoint. Zapier lets you connect those hooks to other applications.

Webhooks in Action

In order to get you imagining the endless possibilities of how to use webhooks to connect ClearPoint with other tools that you use, here are some examples of when you might use a webhook.

An element changes

  • A measure or project that you are the owner of changes. Maybe it went from red to green, or the person responsible for entering the data added some analysis. Regardless, you want to know right away. Use a webhook to post a message in your Slack or Teams channel so that you can continue discussion with your team.

You have a new action item

  • During a meeting, it’s decided that you have a new action item. It’s added to ClearPoint, linked to the project it’s related to, and you’re set as the owner. If you don’t use ClearPoint as your to-do list, you can set up a webhook to add the action item to your task management tool like Asana or Trello. Now, you won’t forget to take care of that task so the project can move forward.

Your project due date is approaching

  • You received a notification from ClearPoint reminding you that your project is due in a few days. We get a lot of notifications, so now it’s buried in your inbox. Even when your inbox is full, you live and breathe by your calendar. Leverage a webhook to automatically add that project due date to your Google or Outlook calendar so that you have it done on time!

You need to review an update

  • One of the elements that you keep tabs on changed. There's new data, analysis or someone new is in charge of it. Use a webhook to generate a PDF copy of the page and send it right to your email.

You complete a project

  • Hooray! Your project is done! It’s time to celebrate! Leverage a webhook to automatically play a song on Spotify or GooglePlay when you check that project off as complete. Here are some of our favorites for inspiration.

Ready to get hooked?

We’re excited for you to connect ClearPoint to the other applications you use! This ClearPoint support article walks through the steps to set up your first webhook, starting with creating your Zapier account. If you’re not sure if a webhook is the right way to set up your integration, reach out to our support team! We’re always happy to help.

Announcing Webhooks! Integrate ClearPoint With Your Other Apps