Strategic Planning — 6 min read

30 Healthcare Metrics & KPIs To Begin Tracking Today

Are you tracking the right healthcare key performance indicators? Take a look at 30 of the most important metrics.

RJ, Associate Consultant, works with ClearPoint customers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their performance management processes by leveraging ClearPoint’s strategy execution software.


Balanced Scorecard — 7 min read

The Balanced Scorecard In Healthcare

Medical professionals take a pledge to “do no harm.” But is the lack of an organized strategic plan harming your company?

Balanced Scorecard — 19 min read

143 Local Government KPIs & Scorecard Measures

In need of a library of local government key performance indicators (KPIs)? Look no further.

Balanced Scorecard — 14 min read

30 KPIs To Measure Performance (& How To Choose & Track Them)

Not sure your organization is using the right KPIs? Here’s some guidance on how to choose and track them, as well as 30 common KPI examples.

Balanced Scorecard — 9 min read

A Complete Strategy Map Template (Including Examples)

We love strategy maps for their flexibility with various industries and strategies. Take a look at these six strategy map examples for inspiration.