Business Strategy Software: ClearPoint

See how ClearPoint strategy software can help you meet your strategic targets.
Business Strategy Software: ClearPoint
See how ClearPoint strategy software can help you meet your strategic targets.

According to Harvard Business Review, only 20% of businesses achieve 80% or more of their strategic targets. With ClearPoint business strategy software in place, you have a better chance of being the one in five that reaches its goals.

Think we’re overstating things? To be clear, strategies fail for a number of reasons—some of which couldn’t be avoided even with the help of strategy software. (If your strategy is flawed to begin with, for example, the only solution is to go back to the drawing board.)

But the most commonly cited problems with regard to strategic performance aren’t quite so fundamental, and have more to do with a lack of supporting processes, a dearth of quality performance information, and the absence of effective communication. All these issues impact an organization’s ability to make progress and stay on course.

At ClearPoint, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations in every industry and sector—healthcare, government, nonprofit, and for-profit—achieve their goals, simply by providing them with a tool that supports their strategy reporting. Our business strategy software makes it easier for you to communicate your objectives, unify your workforce, monitor your progress, disseminate information, and make informed decisions.

These activities are at the heart of strategy execution, and will make or break your success.

Want more specifics? Keep reading. We’ll explain all the ways we support strategy execution and why we’re the leading strategy software product on the market. Or, maybe you’re ready to see it live, in which case, let’s go!

Why choose ClearPoint business strategy software?

Business strategy software—and what we strive to provide at ClearPoint—is a tool that bridges the gap between strategy creation and execution. It helps you maintain focus on the big picture while managing all the small operational pieces that bring your goals to fruition.

To do the job effectively, any strategy software you choose should have advanced features that support three fundamental activities associated with strategy planning and execution: structuring your strategic plan; managing your strategic projects; and monitoring and reporting on your progress.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from ClearPoint in these areas:

1. Structure Your Strategic Plan

Clearly, a big part of your success hinges on knowing where you want to go and how you’ll get there; you also need an effective way to communicate with your people around that mission. Acting as the central hub for your strategy information, ClearPoint provides everything you need to take a clear, thoughtful, and organized approach to strategy.

It allows you to:

  • Work with the strategic framework of your choice (Balanced Scorecard, OKRs, etc.) to expedite your time to results.
  • Define and link your objectives, measures, and projects to clearly see what actions you’ll take to accomplish your goals.
  • Create a strategy map to communicate your goals and employees’ contributions.
  • Align resources with strategic priorities.
  • Give employees a way to monitor individual, departmental, and organizational performance.

2. Manage Your Strategic Projects

The most valuable projects your organization does are the ones that are linked to your strategy. Unlike other types of project management software, ClearPoint lets you link projects to your strategic plan so you can easily see how the results are impacting your KPIs. It also helps you monitor the performance of projects to ensure they stay on track and within budget.

As part of tracking projects in ClearPoint, you can:

  • Track and automatically evaluate projects.
  • Identify project-associated risks and track action items associated with them.
  • Link projects to KPIs or key goals.
  • Build flexible and filtered reports that can be exported to Excel or PDF, without back-end programming.
  • Include both quantitative and qualitative data in your reporting to tell the story of project progress.

3. Monitor And Report On Your Progress

Lots of organizations are unexpectedly overwhelmed by strategy reporting. Done manually in Excel, it’s an incredibly time-consuming task that drags down everyone involved, often leading to mistakes, delays, and workarounds.

By employing automation, ClearPoint significantly reduces your level of effort in this area, leading to timely data distribution and more productive strategy discussions. It’s capable of:

  • Gathering data from your relevant on-premises and SaaS software applications.
  • Performing complex calculations and progress evaluations.
  • Creating a variety of audience-specific reports from a common set of data.
  • Publishing data in different formats (including online).
  • Sending meeting and information update reminders, and more!

Ready to see ClearPoint in action?

ClearPoint is the only business strategy software that helps you excel at every stage of strategy planning and execution, from beginning to end.

You can see ClearPoint—right now—with no strings attached. Simply schedule 15 minutes with one of our experts and they’ll show you around. If you’re continuously struggling to hit your targets or facing challenges with your current implementation process, we hope you’ll reach out! We’ve seen time and time again that, with the right strategy, the right team, and the right tools, anything is possible.

Business Strategy Software: ClearPoint

DeAndre Thompkins

Customer Success Associate & Skydiver

DeAndre partners with clients to help facilitate strategic and performance management goals while using ClearPoint.