State Spotlight: Ohio

See how ClearPoint aids Ohio local governments in managing their communities.
State Spotlight: Ohio
See how ClearPoint aids Ohio local governments in managing their communities.

Local governments play a vital role in shaping the future of their communities. However, managing and executing effective strategies to address various challenges can be a complex task. This is where ClearPoint Strategy emerges as a game-changer, providing local governments in Ohio with the tools and support needed to navigate the complexities of governance and efficiently achieve their goals.  

The software's performance management capabilities are particularly valuable for local governments. ClearPoint enables the tracking and monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress towards strategic objectives. By providing real-time data visualization and automated reporting, the software helps local governments gain insights into their performance and identify areas for improvement. It also facilitates data-driven decision-making by presenting information in a clear and accessible manner.

In this edition of our State Spotlight series, we’ll explore how ClearPoint software is revolutionizing the way local governments in Ohio plan, track, and measure their progress, ultimately empowering them to drive positive change in their communities.

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Cuyahoga County

Cuyahoga County is the second most populous county in the state of Ohio, encompassing the city of Cleveland. In 2018, the County implemented “Cuyahoga Performance” as their strategic plan, using data to identify where the County makes progress toward goal achievement and where opportunities for improvement exist. Cuyahoga Performance is also a platform for telling the story behind County programs.

The County started using ClearPoint in early 2019, and by April, they had users in the tool making updates as well as a public-facing dashboard. The quarterly reports produced from ClearPoint and published on their website increase transparency, showing the impact of county programs. They also engage the community in conversations about how they can come together to achieve positive results for the community. In 2020, the County began using ClearPoint to closely track projects related to state grants and public safety. They also use ClearPoint to benchmark their metrics with surrounding counties in Ohio.

City of Dublin

Dublin, Ohio, is a city of more than 47,000 residents located northwest of Columbus. It is consistently ranked one of the safest cities in the nation, and in 2015, was named one of America’s Top 20 Creative Class Cities. In 2021, the city began working on their departmental strategic plans to improve performance across the organization.

The City reports to the City Council and department heads using ClearPoint. Before adopting the software, the City was using several different reporting tools, such as Excel and PowerPoint. Focused on creating an environment for futuristic governmental service delivery, leadership was looking for a better way to manage data and report out on results in a singular tool.

Upon partnering with ClearPoint in summer of 2021, the City immediately began tracking departmental performance plans to provide consistency across all 26 departments. They also noticed how much time they saved preparing for meetings. With ClearPoint, the City constantly strives for continuous improvement and citizen-centered design, enhanced by data analysis and storytelling.

Learn more about the City’s culture of continuous improvement here!

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Montgomery County

Montgomery County, located in southwestern Ohio, is a dynamic region known for its rich history, thriving economy, and vibrant community. Anchored by the City of Dayton, the county offers a unique blend of urban amenities and natural beauty. With a population of over half a million residents, Montgomery County is a bustling hub of diverse industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, education, aviation, and technology. It boasts a strong reputation as an innovation and research center, with institutions like the University of Dayton and Wright State University contributing to its intellectual and technological prowess.

Montgomery County partnered with ClearPoint back in the spring of 2021, and has been leveraging the software to manage their strategic plan since. They utilize ClearPoint’s Community Dashboard to portray this information to the public and increase trust and transparency:

As seen in Montgomery County’s Dashboard, they display their various key objectives for the County, and track data related to those objectives, to report out.

These objectives are then broken down into KPIs, which are displayed using colored status indicators, allowing residents to quickly view an update on where the objective stands.

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health

In 2019, ClearPoint also partnered with Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health, the public health department that serves residents of both the City of Dayton and Montgomery County, OH. PHDMC collaborates closely with other government entities, including Montgomery County, to address public health issues on a broader scale. They work together to develop policies, initiatives, and strategies that promote the overall health of the community.  

When Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health came to ClearPoint, they were seeking a solution that would allow for the creation of both high-level dashboards, and dashboards for each of their specific offices and departments. Prior to ClearPoint, they did not have a proper way of extracting impactful information that would drive important internal decisions.  

ClearPoint has provided the organization with the flexibility to track plans across numerous offices, each containing numerous departments, and allowed information to be rolled up at the overall agency level. While beforehand, it was difficult to gain performance insights across various metrics and projects, the organization now has dashboards set up to automatically pull in updated information and drive decisions.  

Over time, Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health’s use of ClearPoint has grown, and the organization currently uses ClearPoint to track over 360 metrics and 250 key projects. 


ClearPoint Strategy is revolutionizing how local governments in Ohio plan, track, and measure their progress toward their strategic objectives. By streamlining strategic planning, monitoring KPIs, enhancing performance management, and promoting transparency and accountability, ClearPoint empowers local governments to navigate the complexities of governance effectively. With the ability to make data-driven decisions, adapt strategies in real-time, and engage their constituents, Ohio's local governments are well-equipped to drive positive change and build thriving communities for all. ClearPoint Strategy is a valuable ally in their journey toward a brighter future.

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State Spotlight: Ohio

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