Calling All Municipalities For Best Practice Sharing

As many of you have noticed, we have a growing municipal practice here at ClearPoint. We have written many articles and documents on our website specific for municipalities, and have added features to ClearPoint. One example is the Municipal Measures Library, which helps cities and counties share their results with each other. We are excited to announce a series of Municipal webinars to share stories of what our great clients are doing regarding performance management.


We have asked the City of Austin – Resource Recovery Department to share how they are managing their data internally and communicating their results across the organization. They have an audacious goal of reducing solid waste by 90% by 2040 and ClearPoint is helping them track their measures. They will also be using ClearPoint with internal communications to drill down from top level goals down to detailed measures.

Also presenting in this webinar, the City of Fort Worth Texas will be speaking about how they manage performance across the city. They have created a performance management section on their intranet where all employees can drill down to detailed measure pages related to each department. They manage a tremendous amount of data, and track it all by allowing each department to upload their data using the ClearPoint Data Loader. If you would like to attend this webinar, please register here before September 7th. We will also post a recording of the webinar here on this blog.


The City of Tamarac in Broward County has been using ClearPoint for over 5 years with a focus on tracking measures in every department. The departments meet quarterly to discuss results and adjust their strategy, activities, and budget. They also post their results to their city website for citizens to see. Tamarac is in the Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for their results.

Also in Florida, Sarasota County will be presenting about their performance management efforts. They have rolled out performance management across their organization, tracking projects and measures. To showcase their performance results on a regular basis, they have built a custom website that is integrated with the normal city website. Learn about their challenges and improvements throughout the county. Register here before September 20th or see the webinar recording on this blog afterward.

The Rockies:

We are pleased to highlight some great work being accomplished in Colorado with regards to performance management in the municipal space. The City of Fort Collins will share how they link initiatives to their budgeting process. They will also present their community dashboard and their new Climate Action Plan results.

Closer to Denver, the City of Arvada will discuss their efforts to manage for results. Using ClearPoint, they run strategy review meetings on a regular basis and track cross-department and county-wide projects in ClearPoint. They also have a public facing dashboard to effectively communicate results to their citizens. Both Fort Collins and Arvada use the ClearPoint Measures Library to share information from one municipality to the next. Register here before September 20th or see the webinar recording on this blog afterward.

All are invited to attend any webinar and learn more about how municipalities are achieving breakthrough results by managing their strategy with ClearPoint.