ClearPoint for Everyone (ADA Accessibility)

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We want to make management reporting simple and efficient for everyone. In order to do so, we’re committed to making ClearPoint accessible to as many people as possible. We’re excited to announce that ClearPoint is now officially WCAG 2.1 AA compliant, and we’ve added the ability for users to adjust the tool so that it’s simple and efficient for them to use, no matter what their circumstance and ability.

What does this mean?

ClearPoint ADA Accessibility featuresUsers can adjust certain parts of the ClearPoint interface so that it is easier for them to use. These changes will affect only the individual user’s instance of ClearPoint, not the entire account, so everyone can set their own preferences. Check out all the options to the right!

Here are a few examples in more detail:

Content Adjustments

  • Fonts: We know organizations like to get as much information as they can on each page, so users can now change the font size, family, spacing and alignment to make it easier to read on their own screen.  Please note that any changes made to the content will not impact exports.
  • Links and Titles: Sometimes links can be hard to discern, so our text reader will highlight hyperlinks and make it so you can also navigate throughout ClearPoint.

Color and Display Adjustments

  • Colors: Users can invert colors schemes and change colors away from those commonly confused in color blindness.
  • Display: You can also change the color contrast and saturation, so shades of gray do not become confusing.

Navigation Adjustments

  • Screen Readers: Users can disable all animations or sounds throughout ClearPoint so that they don’t play automatically as you’re navigating through the tool, and the site can now adapt automatically to screen reader software. Images and charts have always allowed Alt-text.
  • Keyboard navigation: You no longer have to use a mouse to navigate with ClearPoint.  When enabled, you can tab through the application.
  • Other: Users can enable content highlighting, change the cursor color and size, use a virtual keyboard, and more!

HTML Exports

Accessibility features can also be enabled for web exports. This includes HTML exports from the ClearPoint application. If you're sharing them on your public facing website or on your intranet site, ClearPoint's accessibility features make it possible for them to comply with accessibility laws. The features available are exactly the same as the features available within the ClearPoint application.

It’s always up to date

ClearPoint accessibility features are backed by an AI-based application that updates any new HTML, images and other content with the data that is needed for screen readers and keyboard navigation. It checks in every 24 hours, ensuring that all content entered by users has the needed information behind it so that users can leverage the accessibility features.


Users can leverage ClearPoint accessibility features when using the ClearPoint application on all modern web browsers. It’s optimized for use on the same web browsers that ClearPoint is, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and IE 11 and above.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about Accessibility in ClearPoint, check out our support center article. Not yet a ClearPoint user? Request a demo and we’ll give you a tour!

ClearPoint for Everyone (ADA Accessibility)