ClearPoint 5th Annual Strategy Summit: A Recap

Last week we hosted the 5th Annual ClearPoint Strategy and Performance Management Summit in Durham, North Carolina, and it couldn’t have been more inspirational!

We heard from experts throughout the performance management space, and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and network with others throughout the event. While it’s impossible to capture in words alone the enthusiasm from Monica Croskey Chaparro at the City of Raleigh, NC, or the humor from Jonny Rainer at Cobb EMC, we’re excited to share the key takeaways from each of their stories. We’ve also included links to their presentations for a deeper dive into each discussion.

We hope to see everyone again next year (and those of you who weren’t able to join us)! In the meantime, check out the other events we’re hosting and participating in.

Creating a Culture of Strategy and Performance Management

Featuring: Monica Croskey Chaparro, Strategic Planning and Performance Manager, and Rafael Baptista, Senior Strategy Planning and Performance Analyst, City of Raleigh, NC

Monica and Rafael kicked off the summit with an exciting story about how they’ve transformed performance management at the City of Raleigh with a framework of Envision, Enact, Evaluate and Engage. They created a strategic plan and departmental business plans to support it, improving cross collaboration within the organization.

Raleigh engages stakeholders and evaluates progress and impact through CORStat meetings and initiative teams, annual performance reports and performance videos. One of their main tactics for engaging others throughout the organization is The Academy, which is open to all city employees and provides training sessions to improve city employees’ ability to meet their strategy and performance management goals.

Upon reflection, they offered a few key takeaways important for success: Executive buy in, adapting best practices to fit the organizational culture and environment, and alignment across the organization. Check out their entire presentation here.

Cascading Strategy Through Organizational Buy-In

Featuring: Carol Raven, Director, Business Performance, CPA Canada

CPA Canada created a Balanced Scorecard to help manage strategy throughout the organization and to create transparency, allowing each business unit to see how their work directly impacts the organization. They set an aggressive timeline for rolling out their BSC; they met that target and are seeing great success!

Carol mentioned a few key takeaways for anyone embarking on their own strategic planning effort. It’s important to have a common language throughout the organization, and it’s important to communicate clearly to all employees about initiatives and changes that are taking place. They use Lunch and Learns and quarterly admin meetings as two tactics for sharing information organization wide.

Carol also shared some of the challenges they faced as well as the benefits their organization has received from creating their BSC and implementing a strategy management framework. Check out the entire presentation here.

Who is My Customer: Person-Centered Performance Management

Featuring: Janet Zars and Tony Griego, Planning and Performance Managers, Washington Dept. of Licensing

In 2018, the Washington Department of Licensing (WDOL) went through a strategic shift and reinvented the agency’s personality and culture. Previously, they had a very process-centric performance management system with over 300 measures. Their new strategy is person-centered; it focuses on creating strategies with their customers’ needs at their core. WDOL’s advice is to picture the people you serve, feel empathy for their experience, and use that insight to inform your approach.

Check out their presentation for more details on how they went from a process-centered to a person-centered strategy and how they’d recommend you start the shift within your own organization.

Strategies to Resource and Support your ClearPoint VIPs

Featuring: Leslie Beauregard, Assistant City Manager, City of Charlottesville, VA

In 2008, the City of Charlottesville developed their performance management program, P3 (Plan, Perform, Perfect). Two years later, they started using ClearPoint to help track their performance.

Leslie and her team have created a culture of improvement around each of their processes. They use many tactics for supporting their performance management VIPs, including basic and advanced trainings, open labs, user news updates and email distribution lists, an advisory team, an intranet page, a management reporting guide, and a dashboard for sharing results with the public. This support and sharing system ensures that users throughout the city are engaged with their strategic plan and can see how they contribute.

Want to learn more about how they are executing on each of these tactics? Check out Leslie’s presentation here!

Strategy: Facilitating a Culture of Evolution

Featuring: Regina McNeill, EVP, Strategic Planning and Market Analytics, Origin Bank

Origin Bank is on an evolutionary journey of strategic planning. Regina and her team are constantly reimagining their strategic plan and how they can be as competitive as possible in an industry that is being crowded with other options for consumers. Their strategic plan acts as their blueprint, and they’ve created a decision tree process in order to analyze the cost and impact of new projects as they relate to their overall strategy.

Regina’s main piece of advice? Strategic planning is not one size fits all! It’s an evolving process, and one that you’ll need to reimagine in order to make it successful in your own organization.

Check out Regina’s presentation here to learn more about Origin Bank’s culture of strategic planning.

Strategic Planning During Organizational Change

Featuring: Delinda Pendleton, Director, Strategic Clinical Initiatives, Fox Chase Cancer Center

In the midst of organizational change, Fox Chase Cancer Center has stayed true to their culture and keeps employees engaged with their strategic plan. Over the past few years, Delinda has worked with others across the organization to create a plan with pillars, goals, and initiatives, linking them to the individual work that is done throughout the organization.

Fox Chase keeps everyone motivated by celebrating the things that go above and beyond and hosting ‘special teas’ to reward employees. With ClearPoint, they can easily track and share their progress and identify achievements to be celebrated.

Check out Delinda’s presentation to learn more about their strategic planning process.

Cobb EMC: Our Strategic Journey

Featuring: Tim Jarrell, VP, Power Supply and Planning, and Johnny Rainer, Contract Administrator, Cobb EMC

With a change in leadership, Cobb EMC had to adapt their strategic plan and process to incorporate the new ideas from leadership and create buy-in throughout the organization. They focus on communicating their plan throughout the organization with monthly town halls and quarterly lunch and learns. Their IDEA machine allows employees to submit ideas for innovation from anywhere in the organization. These ideas go straight to leadership, and 33% of them are implemented, encouraging employees to participate in organizational initiatives.

Check out their presentation to learn more about the process they’ve used for engaging employees, their Power Performance Program, and their ideas for the future.

What’s next with ClearPoint?

Featuring: Ted Jackson, Managing Partner, and Andy Foley, Product Manager, ClearPoint Strategy

We ended the day with some exciting news about the future of ClearPoint. Ted and Andy shared plans for features to enhance benchmarking and Peer-to-Peer Sharing across communities, as well as some ideas for how to leverage Template Scripting. Both features will be available in the next release of ClearPoint. To keep everyone on their toes, Andy and Ted also announced plans for advanced charting options, Webhooks, and the ability to embed charts in dashboards outside of ClearPoint.

Post summit, we all gathered for happy hour, and the crowd buzzed with excitement from the great presentations throughout the day and the upcoming ClearPoint features. Conversations continued from the networking bingo and speed networking that took place throughout the day, and we had the opportunity to further connect with our inspiring ClearPoint Community.

Performance Driven Government

The second day of the summit featured two panels focused on driving performance in local government. All of our panelists were incredible and did a wonderful job answering the many questions from the audience, proving that they are truly experts in their field. Here’s a quick recap of each panel:

How Benchmarking is Driving Performance


  • Monica Croskey Chaparro, Strategic Planning and Performance Manager, City of Raleigh, NC
  • Dale Roenigk, Ph.D, Lecturer and Director, North Carolina Benchmarking Project, UNC School of Government
  • Susan Maier, Sr Management Analyst, Johnson County, KS, and Lead Coordinator, Kansas City Regional Benchmarking Initiative

While each of our panelists come from different benchmarking backgrounds, they all agreed that benchmarking is important in local government organizations and that the most important aspect of benchmarking is relationships. As a result, it’s easier to benchmark with organizations in your region; you can visit them and interact face-to-face, and they can show you how they are measuring or what projects they are undertaking to improve their performance.

Thinking about starting a regional benchmarking initiative in your area? Here’s an overview of the Kansas City Regional Benchmarking Initiative. And you can always reach out to our team to learn more about setting up a benchmarking group!

From Well-Managed to High Performing and the National Networks Supporting the Journey


  • Lawrence Pollack, Budget Director, City of Fort Collins, CO
  • Josh Edwards, Assistant Budget Director of Strategy and Performance and I-Team Leader, City of Durham, NC
  • Joey Sherlock, Sr Applied Behavioral Researcher, Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight
  • Lauren Su, Associate Director, Certification and Community, What Works Cities, Results for America

Our four panelists discussed their perspectives on the importance of leveraging national initiatives and frameworks to support performance management journeys in local government organizations.

Lawrence shared how the City of Fort Collins leverages the Baldrige certification to make improvements, while Josh Edwards and Joey Sherlock discussed the partnership that the City of Durham and Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight have developed. Lauren Su, meanwhile, spoke to the benefits and partnerships available to a city through the What Works City Network.

Innovation, feedback and prioritization were themes that echoed throughout the discussion. The panelists agreed—whether you start with a strategic plan or by setting a single goal within a department, it’s best to just get started!

Need some inspiration to kick things off? Check out Lawrence’s overview of the City of Fort Collins’ ongoing Journey to Excellence and the white paper that Joey recommends for a simple overview of running field experiments.

What Works Cities: The Benefits of Certification

Featuring: Lauren Su, Associate Director, Certification and Community, What Works Cities, Results for America

While we enjoyed our final meal at the beautiful Duke Gardens, Lauren shared the benefits of receiving the What Works Cities (WWC) certification. WWC helps cities benchmark and leverage data and evidence to tackle pressing challenges and improve residents’ lives. Through their work with over 100 cities, they’ve learned that there are common problems that local governments face and are working on creating national standards and practices to encourage data-driven decision making. Echoing the previous panel, Lauren recommended that the best first step is to just get started by taking the assessment. From there, your city can learn where they are doing well and where improvements need to be made.

Ready to jump in? Take the assessment or view Lauren’s entire presentation here.

Until next year…

The summit may be over for this year, but we hope that the relationships and friendships that were formed throughout our three days in Durham will continue. Our presenters, client partners, and friends made the event amazing, and we can’t thank you enough!

Hopefully you’ve grown your network and started your list of organizations to share data with when ClearPoint Peer-to-Peer Sharing is available. We hope to see you at another one of our events soon!