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Healthcare Reporting Dashboard Template

A healthcare reporting dashboard template visualizes the operational performance of a hospital or healthcare organization and its staff.

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A healthcare reporting dashboard template allows for easy visualization of healthcare outcomes at hospitals and other healthcare organizations. These dashboards are often operational in nature, allowing doctors, nurses, and others involved in patient care to stay up to date on critical patient care metrics and ensure appropriate care. Due to the sensitivity of patient information, many healthcare reporting dashboards are strictly for internal use by staff actively involved in patient care.

Healthcare reporting dashboards can also be strategic, documenting a hospital’s performance over a month, quarter or year. These strategic dashboards can allow the organization as a whole to identify successes and failures and adjust their strategy accordingly to reflect what’s worked and what’s fallen off track. These dashboards allow for each organization to access and understand their strategic data, predict trends, and prioritize for the future.

Healthcare KPI Matrix

A matrix comparing different measures over several months

This dashboard displays a month-by-month comparison of different measures, with colors signifying the status of the measures. Viewers can quickly see which measures are suffering and how they have been doing over the last several months. Additionally, the dashboard pulls the mean score of other magnet hospitals for each measure, so viewers can instantly see how this hospital is doing compared to others. These benchmarks allow an organization to see if they are under or over performing in different areas compared to their peers.

Key Elements for a Healthcare Reporting Dashboard Template

  • A visualization of key strategic goals and their linked initiatives
  • Metrics to track progress toward these strategic goals, such as–
    • Average length of stay
    • Readmission rate
    • Infection rate
    • Mortality rate
    • Patient satisfaction rate
    • % Occupancy