Hello? It’s your strategy giving you a quick heads up!

ClearPoint has enhanced its notification engine so you can stay on top of your strategy when it counts. Here are the notifications we most recommend.

On the way to a meeting, your manager, intracompany rival, or boss’ boss says to you just outside the conference room, “I can’t believe we missed the spending target. I look forward to hearing what you have to say for yourself…” Has this every happened to you? You didn’t realize your spending was over target, or your team was lagging behind, or even that a deadline had passed, so you didn’t prepare to discuss the reasons in your meeting?

Walking into a meeting unprepared is never a good look or feeling, but the more data your organization measures, the more challenging it becomes to keep track of it all. You could spend your whole day just looking through your metrics to find the one data point that is falling behind. But who has time for that?

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At the very least, it’d be nice to know when elements you own or care about are off track or quickly coming due.

That’s where ClearPoint comes in. ClearPoint notifications send you an alert for your most important data points—or the ones your boss thinks are most important—as soon as they are updated and meet the criteria you specify. You can set a blanket alert for everything you own, and even the measures or projects downstream that may affect you in the future, or you can customize your settings so you’ll only be notified for certain elements or particular types of changes.

There are an unlimited number of ways to configure ClearPoint’s notifications to help streamline your reporting process, so we’ve picked out a few of our favorites to help you stay on top of things and look like a reporting superstar. You can read more about setting these notifications up in ClearPoint here.

Our Top Picks for High Yield Notifications

Status Alerts

  • You don’t want to be surprised when you walk into a meeting and discover a measure that matters to you is below target. Whether you’re the measure owner or it’s just one of your favorites, you can receive an alert as soon as data is updated, and the measure goes off track (even if it’s uploaded automatically with the Data Loader). Then you can log in to explain your results, or let your managers know you are already planning next steps before they come to you looking for answers. And things aren’t always bad! Set up a notification to be alerted when items turn green as well so that you can celebrate your successes. Go team!

Project Alerts

  • Project statuses are in constant flux, and it’s often difficult to keep track of all the moving parts, especially when you’re managing many projects at a time. By setting up notifications so you’re automatically updated at important milestones and key turning points, you can spend less time checking in and more time moving things forward.
  • The first step is to set up a notification for when your project starts, preferably one that goes out to everyone responsible for contributing to the project. This way, you and your team know you will be under the gun to keep a project on track, and you can update the leadership team each week or each month.  Make your updates in ClearPoint and whenever a report is run, your project will be up to date.
  • Your second notification comes 10-15 days before the completion date. Now you need to either report on the success of your project or push out the due date to accurately reflect project completion. You can change your RAG status, update your milestones, and let everyone know what comes next. If you are tracking project measures, now is the time to show you are under budget and ahead of schedule (or if you’re not, what you’ll do next time to make it happen!).
  • There are hundreds of other project notifications you can set up. Get notified when project percent complete is 100% or a project you care about is behind schedule. Or get notified when a milestone in your project is finished or your project priority level has changed. You can be notified when any change to your project is made, including for any changes to custom project fields you’ve set up.

Analysis Alerts

  • Let’s say you require analysis for all your objectives, measures, and projects, but you don’t have time to read them all. If there are keywords that you’re looking for (like bad, below, unfortunate), set up a notification so you are alerted when analysis containing any of those words is added. Then, you can dive deeper into the objective, measure, or project with the element owner to understand the problem and turn your results around.
  • You can also use this notification to receive an alert when someone mentions your name in their analysis. Whether they are praising you for good results or blaming you for bad ones, you’ll be the first to know.

You’ve Been Assigned Something

  • Imagine you’re in a meeting and it’s decided you need to follow up with an action item. The action item is added to ClearPoint, and you’re set as the owner. As soon as it’s saved, you receive a notification that you have a new action item. Now it’s in your inbox, and you won’t forget before the next meeting.
  • But wait! This notification isn’t just for action items. You can be alerted when you’re assigned the ownership of any element in ClearPoint, so you don’t have to worry about assigned tasks slipping your mind.

Someone Touched My Stuff!

  • Do you like to know about every change made to an element you own? You can set a notification to alert you when someone adds data to your measure, changes the percent complete of your milestone, or marks your action item as complete. You’ll be alerted, and best of all, you’ll know the culprit.

With ClearPoint notifications, you won’t need to waste time checking up on your measures and projects. When you need to address something, you’ll receive an alert, prompting you to log in, analyze the updates, and be prepared to explain the reasons for the change and your plans going forward.

Let’s see your intracompany rival try to catch you unaware now.

All set for your next meeting with some free time on your hands? Let us know how you’re using ClearPoint notifications to stay on top of your reporting! We’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to us on Twitter at @clearpointstrat or by email at [email protected] In the meantime, happy reporting!


Hello? It’s your strategy giving you a quick heads up!