Strategy planning & execution software
for local governments

Our platform streamlines strategic planning, project management, and
operational reporting, empowering governments to manage resources efficiently and meet
community needs effectively.

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Share results in one click

  • Enhance transparency and build public trust
  • Display key measures and strategic initiatives
  • Champion community engagement
  • Demonstrate fiscal stewardship and accountability
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Report out municipality metrics

  • Build custom reports for different audiences
  • Provide qualitative insights to contextualize data
  • Empower decision-making with real-time insights
  • Align goals and efforts across departments, from Public Works, Safety, Transportation, and more.
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The ClearPoint community

  • Leverage our Measure Library for benchmarking
  • Network with municipality leaders at regional and national meetings
  • Adapt quickly to changing regulations
  • Exchange best practices through our local government advisory board
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No matter what type of report you are managing, ClearPoint can support you


We handle all frameworks and allow you to create and manage custom fields and branding to meet your needs.


Our ARPA template allows you to track spending and structure reports to meet the Treasury reporting guidelines.


Showcase how you manage progress and track recommendations from assessors to deliver measurable results.

Council Reports

Showcase how you manage progress and track recommendations from assessors to deliver measurable results.

See ClearPoint Strategy in action

ClearPoint Strategy provides an innovative solution tailored to the unique challenges
faced by local governments.
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4.7 out of 5 stars
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4.4 out of 5 stars
ClearPoint has not only improved our management processes, but also enhanced how we communicate our progress to the public, making our operations more transparent.”
Seleana Samuel
Strategy & Performance Manager
City of Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Local governments using ClearPoint

Learn about what the "small business doing big business" looked like before and after ClearPoint Strategy.
Learn how ClearPoint led the city toward Baldrige Excellence, transparency, and alignment.
Frequently Asked Questions

Strategy software for local governments

How does ClearPoint Strategy help local governments?

ClearPoint Strategy helps local governments by streamlining strategic planning, management, and execution. By integrating data from various sources, automating reporting cadences, and publishing external dashboards, ClearPoint enables governments to improve efficiency, community engagement, and compliance with accountability standards.

Can ClearPoint integrate with our existing systems?

Yes, ClearPoint is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Our platform aggregates data from multiple sources, providing a unified approach to data management and strategic reporting, without disrupting your current processes.

How can ClearPoint improve our strategic reporting?

ClearPoint enhances strategic reporting by offering customizable dashboards, standardized reporting templates, and AI-driven analytics. This enables local governments to track key performance indicators (KPIs), align departmental goals, and provide clear and timely updates to residents and other stakeholders.